Google Play vs. Apple iTunes

Kishan Patel


It turns out that although Android has more than 50% of total smartphone market share, developers have, thus far, been reluctant to flock to the Android platform with their apps. In fact, there are more than 4 times as many iOS developers as there are Android developers. Why, you may ask? Quite simply, developers have long known that Apple device owners are closely locked into the Apple ecosystem, with credit cards on file. Many a study has been done, and the results are unanimous – Apple device owners are more willing to pay for apps. That being said, there are many apps in the Google Play Store that are also on Apple’s App Store – but are free, or ad supported. Google Play has better music. Apple iTunes is usually more expensive. I say Google Play is easier to access because you don't need to put in your password every app you download unlike Apple where you have to put your password in for every app you download. I say Google Play has more apps but has good quality. Apple has less apps but better quality. I say both of the OS have the same amount of bugs but they fix it so id still go with Google Play.