Pros For Cellphones

Cellphones are Useful and Not Harmful


Some say that cellphones are harmful to the human body or they are not useful, I disagree. Cellphones are both useful and non-harmful in many ways. Cellphones are both useful in and out of school and having one comes with responsibility. They are also helpful to many parents, along with many safety reasons. Another big part is they are not harmful to anyone's health.


With having cellphones comes responsibility. Many children now a days are getting cellphones at younger ages. With children getting them at younger ages this teaches them responsibility at a younger age because, they have to keep track of the cellphone along with not breaking it or losing it. (Pros and Cons of Cellphones Becoming a Major Part of Children's Lives)


Cellphones are great for parents in many ways. If children have cellphones their parents/guardians will be able to contact them when they are out and not with their parents/guardians. Some cellphones now a days have tacking GPS decides in them so if a child was to get lost and their parent was not able to contact them, they can track their cellphones if they still have it on them. (Pros and Cons of Cellphones Becoming a Major Part in Children's Lives)
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Emergencies and Safety have become a big part about cellphones. Being able to contact the police, fire department, hospital when needed has made the difference between life and death for some people. Having cellphones for older children will help in a situation where the child has gotten into a car accident, their car breaks down, or if they get lost. Cellphones have played a big role on these situation by the child being able to call for help when they need it. (Pros and Cons of Cellphones Becoming a Major Part in Children's Lives) The use of cellphones while driving is not inherently unsafe. Research shows that cellphones factor in less that 1% of accidents. Adjusting the radio, CD player, talking with passengers, or even eating or drinking are more responsible for accidents. (Are Cellphones Safe?)
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Some say that having cellphones can cause cancer or other health problems but, radio frequency radiation from cellphones is non-ionizing and is not powerful enough to cause cancer. Since cellphones are non-ionizing they are different than X-rays and ultraviolet light. There has been no rise in the rate of brain cancers despite a massive increase in the use of cellphones. If cellphones we're causing cancer, there would be a significant increase in cancer. (Are Cellphones Safe?)

Cellphones in Schools

Cellphones in schools has become a big conflict among schools. Many cellphones allow access to the Internet which can help a child obtain answers to questions and help with research pieces easily. (Pros and Cons of Cellphones Becoming a Major Part in Children's Lives). Cellphones, I-pads, and other technology is being integrated into the day today learning experience in school across the nation. With morn more schools integrating technology into the day today learning experience, it's a voice the more schools are using in a good way. (Campus Safety Must be Considered if Cellphones are Allowed in Schools). Another plus to students having cell phones in school is that there able to contact their parents if needed to make arrangements for after school activities. The students may want to go to the library to make up some work or stay after with the teacher. With having a so phone they're able to do this and contact the parents. Lastly, camera equipped phones can be used to take photos or videos related to school projects and or used to record school events or field trips. (The Pros and Cons of Having Cellphones in High Schools)
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