ADHD in Children

Nick Gerhard


ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) is a recurring, long-lasting mental disorder that consists of a few main symptoms, like excessively active behavior, trouble paying attention, and impulsivity.


  • Millions of kids have ADHD
  • Symptoms can reduce as child gets older, but can also continue during adulthood
  • Must exhibit 6 signs in more than 2 situations in a period of time longer than 6 months
  • Girls are mainly absent-minded
  • Boys are generally hyperactive

Signs and Symptoms

Three types of ADHD
  1. Hyperactive-impulsive
  2. Inattentive
  3. Combined


ADHD is incurable, but there are many options for treatment that will help reduce symptoms.


  • Life-long mental disorder with no cure
  • Symptoms lowered with medication, behavior treatment, and aging
  • Immediately identifying symptoms and starting treatment impacts results of ADHD
  • The child might have low sense of worth, inadequate grades in school, or difficult relations with people in their life

Why People Should Know About ADHD

  • To help and improve lives of children who have it
  • To know that it's NOT the child's fault for being the way they are
  • So teachers/parents can form strategies to improve learning/behavior of children with the disorder
  • Millions of kids have ADHD, so awareness should be raised to help them be successful