Full Board Meeting Minutes

If you missed it or need a refresher, here it is:

Week in Review:


Tuesday: Career Fair 6:00 am to 4:00 pm

Wednesday: Career Fair 6:00 am to 4:00 pm; Geek Retreat 7:00 pm

Thursday: FDR and the American Century 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Friday: MAL applications due at 12:00 pm noon

Saturday: Paint and Sip event in Dayton

Sunday: Full Board 8:00pm in Ellis 024; FWSB PM app due; MAL Elections

Bobcat of the Week

Congratulations to Eli! Eli was selected this week for his dedication and excellent work on the Communications Committee! Eli has had some great ideas this semester and has risen above expectations in his efforts.


Paw Props this week goes to Membership committee for their work in selecting this fall's new members (welcome guys). Membership spent over 10 hours in interviews and the decision making process this week to make sure we had the best members for our board.

You Rock Award

This week the You Rock Award was passed on to Kelsey Miller from Emily Swanson. Emily chose Kelsey for her awesome ideas and enthusiasm on Philanthropy committee and for her great work in other student orgs. YOU ROCK KELSEY.

Member-at-Large Timeline

Your confirmed Nominees: Nick Preston, Justin Mosley, Ben McIntosh, and Emma Perrin

Each candidate is now required to submit an application by Friday at noon and present a speech to the board. Good luck to our nominees.


Elections- Please plan to attend as we need a majority of the board present in order to hold elections next week.

Presidential Notes

Kendra's office hours are MWF from 2:00-3:00 PM, stop in and say hello! You never know what kind of construction you may see!

NOTE that Full board will be held in Ellis 024 next week.

14 days until Homecoming!

Find updated points, finance records, and shored documents here.

Katrina and the OUAA

Instagram Contest:

1. Take a photo that represents OHIO to you.

2. Use only 6 words and post to Instagram (#ohio6words #ouhc15) to be entered

3. A winner will be chosen each day and the OUAA will share their story

4. By entering only once you have a chance to win each day after!

5. The prizes get progressively better throughout the week.

Melissa and Membership

Email the MelKel for absences at sabmembership1804@gmail.com, please CC the respective VP in any emails regarding absences to Melissa.

Diversity Point: International Women's Coffee Hour Sept 30, Baker 403 from 4-6 pm (Girls only, sorry Boys). Meet with women of different ethnicities over coffee and share life experiences!

Follow the New Mems and be their friend! (Facebook name is their given name unless otherwise marked)

Alexis Sova @lexi_sova

Brooke Trader @brooketrader10

Max Annable

Tracy Kondrit @tracykondrit

Eric McMillan

Brendon Embry T: @brendon_embry I:@brendonembry

Nate Schumacher @nate_schumacher

Derrika Bruce T: @___Derri I: Derri_

Zach Gibbs @zach_gibbi @zachgibbs8

Dannielle McCarthy T: @Dee_M_me I: @dmccarthy620

Will Kramer

Mia Chapman

Sarah Holm @holmgirl

Madison Burkle @ maddieburkle

Carlye Stevens

Kate and Communications

Contact Kate for interest in surplus apparel!


Coming to your inbox soon! Kate is working hard to get them all edited. You can expect them in approximately a week to a week and a half.

BABY Buttons HAVE ARRIVED! If you did not receive one at Full Board please contact Kate so she can get you one.

Wind/Rain Jackets: $35.00 each featuring an embroidered logo and screen printed paw print on back. Please add your remove your name from this sign up by Friday Sept 25 at 12:00 pm Noon. If your name is still on the google doc by noon on Friday, you are required to pay the $35 for your jacket. The jackets are a black semi-water-resistent material with a jersey lining, full zip, hood, external pockets and internal pockets. I'm fired up, you fired up?

Hannah and Finance

Dues are DUE.

Congrats to Kayli for winning our first ever incentive program! Thanks to everyone who has submitted their dues on time or set up a payment plan. If you have not you need to speak with Hannah.

Financial Tip: Get a credit card and start earning good credit while you are in college. Consider a card with cash benefits like the Discover Student Card.

Phil and Alumni Engagement

Paint and Sip

The event will be held Saturday Sept 26 (1 week away!) from 1-3:30 pm. SAB members will take a motor pool vehicle to the event held in Centerville, Ohio. Registration Costs will be covered by the OUAA. $10 of each registration will go towards the Dayton OUAA Chapter's Scholarship Fund.

The SAB alumni involvement committee would like to feature student profiles in their newsletter. There will be a mandatory orgsync form and you will have 1 week to fill it out.

Our 1st bobcat to bobcat panel will be held Thursday, October 1 in the Bobcat Student Lounge from 6:30 to 8:30. Mark your calendars!

Congrats to Emma, our SAB alumni committee PM.

Internship Op:

SAB Alumnus Mike Adelman - President and CEO of the Ohio Bankers League

  • New internship initiative for OBL

  • Act as matchmaker between students and participating banks


  • high demand in IT, HR, PR, Accounting, and Marketing

  • also looking for traditional business/banking students

If you’re interested, email Mike introducing yourself and attach your resume!


Mak and Professional Development

LinkedIn question is still live! interact for a point.

All members should have been invited to the OUAA linked in. If you have not been invited speak with Mak so you can join the group.

Thanks to everyone who came to the resume workshop. It was really successful! Be on the look out for information about personal appointments with Mak on Sundays.

If your interested in volunteering at the Career Fair September 22 and 23 from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm please sign up here. Various Shifts are available. This is a point opportunity and a great way to meet employers! The Career fair is this Tuesday and Wednesday from 6:00am to 4:00pm

There are plenty of Professional Development resources here- check it out for tips and tricks! (Including the info from the resume workshop if you missed it or want to see it again!)

Mock Interview Day will be held Oct 4. There will be 15 minute time slots during which Professional Development committee members will hold the interviews. One lucky winner will receive a cool OHIO business portfolio and cool giftcards.

Strengths Quest Workshop will be Oct 25.

Apply for the Leadership Retreat PM here by Sept 21. You will receive 6 points for you efforts. This is a new event so there is lots of room to make it your own!

Business Cards? We love them! Pay Hannah 3 dollars and fill out this google form by Oct 2 to get your own!

Allison and Student Outreach

GTS points are updated.

Save the date for YELL LIKE HELL, which is a mandatory event: Thursday October 8 at 8:30 in the Baker 1st floor parking lot. Featuring President Roddy D, dancing football players, and Section 8! ARE YOU FIRED UP?

There will be a pre-party event held at 6:30 by UPC (possibly destroying a junkyard car) If you sign up for a shift at this event it can count as your required shift for YLH.

Keep an eye out for Yell Like Hell job assignments. Coming soon.

Alysha and Fundraising

Finals Week Survival Bag PM application live! Apply here. Applications are due by 5:00pm Sunday Sept 27.

Diversity point op: October 14 in Baker Ballroom at 7:00pm

Amanda and Philanthropy

Keep your eyes peeled for the Athens Food Pantry food boxing information if you signed up. Thanks for all the interest!

Pack the Pantry will take place October 5-8 in the Baker 3rd floor Atrium. Start saving extra meal swipes if you have them. Members are required to bring at least 4 cans.The drive will be focusing on canned food only. There will be one giant can castle! YAY.

Remember: you MUST sign up for at least one Pack the Pantry tabling shift! Please email Amanda (am822312@ohio.edu) if you're unable to make it to any of these shift times. *ProTip: Sorority and Fraternity Day shifts on the last page are two points each! Woot woot!*

PTP Rules for Participants:

For every 2 cans or 1 dollar donated individuals will receive two raffle tickets. Winners must be present at YLH to win. There will be cash prizes for the winning groups or organizations. The entire organization does not need present to win, but a representative must be there.


Let's get it started in here!

Last year SAB was one of the largest funding groups at the event, so let's keep it going!

Dancers must raise $100 dollars, but SAB will help with your efforts. This year our dancers will be a subcommittee. Sign up now!

Interested in being a morale captain? Talk to Melissa!

Emily and Internal Activities

Diversity Point Op: September 24 in Baker 242 form 4:30 to 6:00 pm. Featuring FDR and the American Century.

Geek Retreat (Harry Potter themed) Held Wednesday at 7:00pm at KAC.

End of Meeting Announcements

That's all folks.

Until next week. This is Kate Stone with your meeting minutes.