Chipper tip truck

Chipper tip truck

Chipper tip truck

Loading and unloading cargo is just a tough job when done manually; even way more when the cargo being handled is loose or comes with an irregular shape. Fortunately, there's equipment made for these form of jobs called the grapple truck. Chipper tip truck


Grapple trucks are a kind of vehicle useful for hauling. What sets them besides other hauling equipment is that they're actually built with a hydraulically powered articulated arm. Even though description resembles a crane, there's still a one key difference - the attachments.

With cranes, the conclusion of the boom is built with a steel hook for holding ropes and cables; grapple trucks are built with a vise-like attachment for gripping the material directly and lifting it.

Due to the boom as well as the extra weight of the cargo, weight distribution for this vehicle can be disproportionate, that could make it tip over during loading and unloading. To reduce the chance of tipping, grapple trucks are also built with hydraulic outriggers. That is some metal legs attached straight to the chassis. During operation, the metal legs can be extended to provide a broader, more stable support, thereby avoiding tip over accidents. Chipper truck for sale

The material collected by this vehicle usually goes directly into some type of container, frequently a truck bed. Those useful for handling loose cargo are built with high side walls in order to avoid spillage. Some also have a hydraulic dump bed for fast and easy removal of the loaded material. Click here


The look of grapple trucks has proven helpful for various applications and industries as it greatly reduces the time required to pick up or remove cargo which often improves job efficiency. Additionally, it eliminates the need to have different equipment such as a crane or a forklift for both jobs - which makes it a trusted stand-alone unit. Unlike cranes, it's effective at handling odd-shaped loads like logs and even boulders due to its vise-grip design. Following are some of the industries that use these trucks and the jobs which are performed with them.