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Leading and Learning: Attitude Matters Most, Part II

“If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.”

--Maya Angelou

A counter-argument to change, and the problems that come with it, is that it can sometimes lead to becoming stagnant and complacent. Using the thinking: If I do not change, then I will not face the problems change can bring. Avoidance, though, will present its own set of problems. The problems avoidance creates will not be any better than the ones you might face while moving forward and you also remain stuck in the same situation that caused you problems in the first place. Avoidance seems to double the issues.

What the most successful people I have encountered do during times of change that sets them apart is retaining a positive attitude about the change, regardless of the circumstances. They realize their reaction to the change at hand is what makes the difference. Things change, of course they do, but how we react to that change and how we attack problems is our choice. As educators, we are part of a profession of change; and it changes a lot. Ultimately, our job is to make a change in our students. It is our responsibility to be the change. So, change is unavoidable in our profession. In this, the attitude we have each day is the most important thing we bring to our jobs. As educators, our attitude can be buried in comfort, support, trust, inadequacies, and a variety of other deeply personal things. While our attitude is extremely personal, it is never a secret. Regardless of the reasons behind our attitude, we wear it on our sleeves. Our students, our colleagues, our loved ones, can all tell us how positive or negative our attitude is on a minute-by-minute basis. We always need to remember, our attitude is always our choice; it is always in our control.

There are problems in front of us that take a great deal of time to change. Problems where we will need to play the long game. We can wish the problems away and replace them with new problems, or we can meet these issues head-on and get to work on finding a solution. The first step is asking- do we truly understand the problems we are dealing with, and then asking how our attitude is impacting the solutions we are striving for in those situations.

Be a Cardinal; Change Lives; Put a Mission into Motion

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Cardinal Recognitions:

Thank you to:

  • our athletic office for hosting the Marion County Tournament and the Conference Indiana Wrestling meet this week. The boys will play in the semifinals of Marion County Basketball Tonight at 6:00 pm and wrestling will get started 9:00 am on Saturday.
  • Adam Morelock and the girls' basketball team for hosting their Pink Out for Cancer Awareness on Thursday night.
  • everyone who is currently working with a student-teacher or field experience student currently.
  • our nurses for continuing to provide support and guidance with students and staff in relation to a variety of illnesses many of us are facing right now.

Grateful Friday Challenge

Week 20: Grateful Friday Challenge

Whelp! Step at least 10 feet away from whoever is standing or sitting near you and take a deep breath, we made it to Friday, and we get a three-day break to cap off two full weeks back at school. Let’s face the facts- what we are doing every day is hard. There is not one second where we can get into a routine without thinking in the back of our minds about how things could change. We have seen multiple school districts change over to virtual learning, and we wonder whether they are doing the right thing. Are we? Multiple teachers are out every day, and the number of missing students seems to get bigger and bigger as time goes on… it seems pretty bleak right now, but we have to know that things will get better. Things have to get better.

So let’s flip the script! As of today, we are just under one month to Valentine’s Day, and stores are filled with pinks and reds, and candies of all sorts and then I will point out to you that Valentine’s Day is approximately one month from St. Patrick’s Day and that is in March which comes in right before Spring Break! We are almost there! Today is going to be monumental! Time is just flying! So let’s be ready to live up today and make a difference.

Brene Brown has written a book called Dare to Lead, and in this book, she states, “The way to move information from your head to your heart is through your hands.” And I thought you know what? That is exactly right. It’s something we all, as teachers and administrators, know for our students but don’t always apply to ourselves. So, the idea for this #SHSGFC is to serve up some self-love. What are some things you know about yourself in your head but have a hard time believing in your heart? Do you know: That you are brave? That you are enough? That you add value to the lives of the people around you? Today, identify five things you need to believe about yourself and write them down. Put them somewhere you can see them. Write them down as many times and as many days as you need to move them from your head to your heart.

Believing in you…. And looking forward to seeing you at the end of the three-day break, which means that next week is a four-day week!!!

With banners flying as we go! #FlyAsONE

180 Days of Learning -- #CardsLearn

Hope you enjoy this weeks 180 Days of Learning Posts

Stacey Matlock

Mrs. Matlock's Integrated Chemistry and Physics students are working on their measurement skills in the science lab. Students had different tasks they had to complete using a variety of measurements. Students were able to practice these skills hands-on in the lab.

Cheryl Rettig

Mrs. Rettig's Business students participated in an activity called "Towers" to demonstrate the foundational values of entrepreneurship. The kids were put into groups and given a pair of scissors plus ONE other item to build their tower with. One team got tape, another got paperclips, two got paper but in different sizes, and the last team got popsicle sticks. They were instructed that they had exclusive control over the materials they were provided. Then they were given the goal to build a tower in 20 minutes that met 4 goals: Tallest freestanding tower in the class, most attractive tower, use the entrepreneurial foundational values that were discussed in class, and create something that benefits the community. The students eventually realized that having "exclusive control" didn't mean they could ONLY use that material but that they had the freedom to barter with other groups for additional resources. This demonstrated many of the foundational values we have been discussing including Freedom, Sound Decisions, and Win-Win focus. One team even decided to merge with 2 other teams to increase the height of their tower at the last minute to win. The picture of the two students when they were shaking hands to initiate a deal and lead their teams to the win.

Donna Bass

Mrs. Bass and her Pre-Calculus students are working with logarithmic functions. The students have graphed these functions, evaluated them, and used transformations on them. The class also reviewed the properties of exponents and use those exponents to understand the properties of logarithms. Students worked through sample problems and were able to ask questions and get feedback as they proceeded.

Student Teachers

SHS is hosting numerous student teachers this semester. We are always excited to welcome those who are getting into the teaching profession into our building. Mr. Bockelman's student teacher, Ms. Shaw, is working with students to understand ethos, pathos, and logos. Students defined different roles in a court proceeding and then connected those roles to each of these can persuade and audience in their writing.

Jake Harrell

Mr. Harrell's PE students are playing dodgeball. Instead of the normal dodgeball rules, there are bowling pins set up at each end of the court. Students must knock down all five bowling pins to win the rounds. Students can still catch throws and knock the dodgeball out of others' hands to send them out but are not targeting throws at each other in this modified game of dodgeball.

Educational Humor

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