Stranger Danger!

Is your child aware?

What YOU need to know.

  1. Every person you don't know is a stranger.
  2. Not every stranger looks like a villain from a disney movie, and some may look normal or average, maybe even friendly.
  3. If a child is ever scared or worried they're being followed, tell them safe places to go where there are some familiar people.

How you can help your child

  1. Have your child tell you where they are and where they're going.
  2. If your child is walking alone, ask a friend if they could walk with them, the more the people, the safer.
  3. Teach your kid to say no, no matter what the stranger says to convince them.
  4. Also if you child sees someone suspicious looking at another child, teach them to call 911, even if it may be no big deal, it could save another child.

To get more information:

Go to, down below are multiple ways to contact ncpc, they have more information on this and other topics as well.