Exploratory Chinese

Have fun learning Chinese with Tseng laoshi!

Get to know your Chinese Teacher.

Get to know Tseng laoshi's hometown: Taiwan

台灣的心跳聲 Heartbeat of Taiwan (English sub)
15 Facts About Taiwan You Must Know

Chinese Names

Top 10 Chinese Surnames + Origins/Facts
English Names vs. Chinese Names: Things You Didn't Know About Chinese Names
Chinese Baby Names | Parents

Let's rhyme in CHINESE.

Rhyme 1-Rock, Paper, Scissors

The rhymes below are from Ms. Gao's Rhymes for Learning Chinese.
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Rhyme 2-Finding Friends

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Rhyme 3-Hello!

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Rhyme 4-Thanks!

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Introduction to China

Introduction to China in 10 minutes

Chinese Pinyin

Learn Chinese Pinyin - Introduction to Pinyin

Chinese Numbers

Chinese Numbers: Learn How to Count 0-10 in Mandarin

Chinese Colors

Chinese Colors Song | 色彩的歌曲 | Learn Chinese | World Rhymes

Beijing Opera

Hello China - Beijing Opera
The Beauty of Jing Ju(Peking Opera)
Beijing/Peking Opera (jingxi)
"Beijing Opera Costume" by Alexandra Bonds

Chinese Zodiac

Story of the Chinese Zodiac
What Your Chinese Zodiac Sign Says About You
Who's a Good or Bad Match For You, Based on The Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Family Tree

The Complicated Chinese Family Tree
Chinese Family Members Song

Chinese Festivals

Festival 1-Chinese New Year

The Story of Nian

Fortune Tales | The Story of Chinese New Year

What do people do during Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year - Chinese culture about how Chinese people prepare and celebrate Spring Festival

Chinese New Year Family Tradition

Chinese New Year family traditions

Festival 2-Lantern Festival

Introduction to Lantern Festival

Festival 3-Tomb Sweeping Festival (Qingming Festival)

Introduction to Tomb Sweeping Festival

Festival 4-Dragon Boat Festival (Duan Wu Festival)

Introduction to Dragon Boat Festival

Festival 5-Mid-Autumn Festival (Moon Festival)

Introduction to Mid-Autumn Festival

Great Wall of China

Visit Great Wall of China

Visit Beijing (the capital of China)