Los Angeles Road Trip

Traveling to the City of Angels on the Highway to Hell

Purpose Statement

Almost everything I do is centered around music. It started in 5th grade when I discovered Guns N’ Roses, the band that completely changed my life. They are one of the many bands that came out of Los Angeles in the 1980’s when rock and metal were huge. My musical tastes have grown fonder since then, but that is still where my heart is and the amount of musical history in LA is so enormous that I don’t even think I could handle it. Anyway the point of this journey is to see where my heroes came from and to see where it all really happened. I also have a goal for myself. Since it’s going to take three to four days to get to my destination, I’m going to write one song a day while traveling. It’s going to be a challenge because I don’t have a ton of experience writing songs, but I know it’s the step that I need to take in order to move forward and I am more than willing to follow through.

Why, when and training

Music is the main reason why I fell in love with LA in the first place. A large number of my favorite bands have emerged from this area and it's been a dream of mine to travel there since about 5th or 6th grade. Now why travel by car rather than something much quicker, like a plane? I've also always wanted to go on a road trip, so this be killing two birds with one stone. To further add I've always wanted to go to Las Vegas too! I plan to go on this journey after I graduate high school which will be this following summer. It's going to be challenging but it's also the perfect way to celebrate! Before I leave though I will need to work on my chops. Meaning that I need to practice guitar more and that I have to push myself harder as a vocalist. I guess I could also add that saving money is a skill that I need to work on too!

What wil be needed

The transportation will probably be my car, but there is a possibility that I will invest in buying or renting a van. I don't plan on making this trip alone and a van will make the long drive much more comfortable for everyone, but it will also be a huge expense that I might not be able to afford. When it comes to equipment, all I will need for the most part is a guitar, writing utensils, some paper, and personal necessities. I will also need my electric guitar and an amp if there is still additional room. The only documentation that I will need will be my license and luckily I will still be able to speak English.

Traveling, Accomidations and Money

I am hoping that my closest friends will accompany me on this trip. If so, we will leave early in the morning and drive to Denver, CO. The gas money will be about $100 at the most, a room at a Motel 6 will be about $75, and some fast food along the way won't be much. So the costs of the first day will total up to about $200-$300. Multiply that by 3, plus Las Vegas and the fees will total up to about $800 for the traveling. Once we arrive at our destination we will proably try to find the cheapest, yet most bearable motel there is. The only exception from that will be one night at the Chateau Marmont where a standard bedroom costs $435 a night(http://www.chateaumarmont.com/rooms.php#). I am estimating that this trip will come out to a grand total of $2,000-5,000 and hopefully no more.

Challenges and Communication

There are a couple challenges that I do anticipate to occur. The big one is the fear of running out of money. I doubt that will happen with the proper planning but it's still a possibility and really that is the worst that I could imagine happening on this trip. Another challenge I most likely will face is writers block. Whether it with the music or the lyrics. When it comes to communication I will probably stay in touch with my mother on a regular basis so she doesn't have a heart attack. Also I have to ready with some questions if I do meet any of my musical idols. It would sweet to get some inspiration and advice from them! Another thing, my conversation with Lemmy will be nothing short of legendary!
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