The Rockin' Roman Myths

Reet Brar


"Roman Mythology are traditional stories pertaining to ancient Rome's legendary origins and religious system." Roman myths were usually about the beginning of the world. The Ancient Romans worshiped many Gods and Godness,

"The idea of Roman Gods came from influences by the Estruscan and Greek Pantheons." Some Gods came from Rome while some came from other cultures.

"The Romans worshiped 12 main Pantheon. Six Gods and six Godness: Jupiter,Juno,Minerva,Vesta,Ceres,Diana,Venus,Mars, Mercuries, Volcanus and Apollo."

Connection to Present Day

Roman Mythology is connected to literally everything! The topic is seen in school a lot. A lot of the books I read are based on Roman Mythology. The roman Gods remind me of some of our planets. For instance, Jupiter. The roman god and Jupiter the planet. The friends I talk to share the names of the Gods and Goddess. For example, Diana.


Roman Mythology made a big impact on our modern world. The Roman Myths set virtues. It influenced a lot of Today's religions. The Romans affected modern day sports.
"For instance the first Olympic Games were held in honor of Jupiter". The Roman Myths also provided a lot of Companies with names.

5 Fun Facts

1. "The Romans looked upon the Goddess Vesta as one of the protective deities of the whole empire."
2."The largest temple in Rome was dedicated to Jupiter."
3. "The Cerberus was the dog of the underworld."
4. "Janus was the God of doors."
5."Mars was the God of War."


"A Roman Myth that is really important to Romans is a myth about the two brothers Romulus and Remus. According to the myth Rome got its name from Romulus."

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