Biom Treavel Brochure Project


Travel Information

  1. Traveling to :brazil
  2. to get from Atlanta to brazil you need to take a plane
  3. It takes 14 hours and 41 minutes to get there and the cost is about $1,749


( in the south)

  • They are more of a German type of cuisine the use beef and all those other things
  • In brazil for there snake they usually have a pine nut snack but for there lunch they have the same things as the U.S.A pork , beef , and rice and beans

( in the north)

  • they are more of a African and costal cuisine they eat sea food and beef also so they have more to chose form
  • For there snack they have some nice penutes but for there lunch they have shrimp, fish, lobsters,, beef, pork ,



  • the climate in the rainforest is very humid do to that it rains a lot over 250 cm of rain every day
  • it has lots of rain cause of its hot and wet conditions , this climate is because of the equator there is a lot of sun light so with the sun light and the wet it creates a very humid temperature than any where else

plants and animals

  • the bougainvillea plant grows in the rainforest it is found in the countries of Brazil,Peru and Colombia because of there tropical rainforest and it is the home of many animals
  • The Kapok tree is a very tall tree over 150 feet tall it is known as the majestic tree. It is originally from south American but has spread to other rainforest in the world
  • Douc langurs are found in Southeast Asian countries of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. The beautiful red-shanked douc langur is only found in north and central Vietnam and Laos. Its habitat is in the lowland to montane primary and secondary rainforest where it lives in the mid to upper levels of the canopy.
  • The harpy eagle is one of the world's largest and most powerful of the fifty species of eagles. It lives in the tropical lowland rainforests of Central and South America, from southern Mexico southward to eastern Bolivia, southern Brazil and the northernmost parts of Argentina. It likes large areas of uninterrupted forest but will also hunt in the open areas next to patches of forest.


  1. the bougainvillea plant give protection to other animals like shad from the sun to lay down or when is rains t has a good vegetation for some animal that's why this plant is very famous to very animal .
  2. the kapok eagle is a predator that is looking for its pray such as monkeys or anything that his claws can get .Another one is the douc monkey it is a first class consumer it eats all the plant and fruits
  3. the limiting factor is that there is less land because of the amount of rain

Endangered Species

Type: Mammal

Diet: Omnivore

Average life span in the wild:15 years

Size:Head and body, 7.5 to 8.75 in (19 to 22 cm); Tail, 10.25 to 13.5 in (26 to 34 cm)Weight:14 to 29 oz (400 to 800 g)

Group name: Troop

Protection status: Endangered

Size relative to a 6-ft (2-m) man:

this little animal is one of the most endangered animals in the rainforest due to that there habitats are being taken away to build houses and trees.