Nuclear Weapons

And Nuclear War

With tensions rising around the world, the fate of all the world is up to decisions of political leaders, and warheads. Most opinions of nuclear based war is negative, with good reason; it is destructive and downright stupid.
  • nuclear weapons are costing the U.S $20,000,000,000 for the Manhattan project

  • there have been 67,500 missiles built since 1951

  • it has cost the U.S nearly $14,000,000,000 just to build 1,000 ICBM launch pads and silos

  • 4,680 nuclear bombs total have been built since 1945

  • the peak head of warheads and bombs in the stockpile per year is 32,193

  • 7,982 nuclear weapons have been deployed since 2002

All of this, shouldn't be. Its statistically and more so, common sense that it affects the Earth negatively.