Murks Musings

What's Happening in Room 10?

Please remember to check the class website for homework, upcoming events, and other classroom information!

I'm looking forward to seeing how our children grew this autumn! MAP Testing Round 2 is December 9 and December 11.

We are still looking for about 14 more jars. Please send in one label-free, clean jar with your child this week.

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Another Project for Our Veterans

Thankfully Busy and Writing!

The end of November proved to be busy, but whether veterans or families, we made sure to think about things that make us most thankful! After sending Hero books and thank you cards off to veterans, we created a Thankful Book. You can view some of our work below.

Last week we completed Unit of Study 2 with Traditional Literature as the focus and have moved into non-fiction works. Our reading discussions have changed from talking about the characters and conflicts in stories to conversations of topics, main ideas, text features, and facts. Students are noticing the way authors show information and practicing how to understand the information.

After reading, Chameleons are Cool, we created illustrations, labeled them, and paraphrased to write our own expository text!

Preparing our iMovie Book Trailers

Thank you, Mrs. Stonis, for bringing us mosaic art!

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A Mystery Reader Visits Thank you, Krystal Clay!

Mentor Text - Chameleons are Cool

Sorting Non-Fiction from Fiction

A Mystery Reader Visits - Thank you, Mrs. Porter!

We loved listening to Parts, My Mom is Great, and Hello Ocean!

Friday Finales

Math Together - Solving Number Stories

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Our Winter Party is scheduled for December 19!

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Holiday Break begins December 20!