Stop Bullying


What is cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person.

-17% of students (1 in 4 teens) are cyber bullied
- 80% of the time bystanders don't intervene

- The top 3 sites of cyber bullying are:

Why are instagram, and facebook bad and why do they involve a lot of cyber bullying? was made for teens to have fun by asking questions anonymously. When it was first invented it wasn't bad at all, it was quite popular and almost all teens had it. After a while, bullies started to say mean things to victims and 7 teens committed suicide in the past few years. One girl had people say "kill your self, cut your self, hang your self" She was found dead in her bedroom.
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Results of Cyber Bullting

Why is instagram bad?

Instagram is not as bad as Ask because it is not anonymous. But on Instagram, people can block each other which is really bad and they can say bad things about each other without knowing anything. Cyber bullying has caused many bad memories on instagram about cyber bullying. Singer Selena Gomez stood up for a cancer patient on a post where a girl was bullying a girl with cancer. Fortunately, nobody attempted suicide for instagram. The post above it is a user named @badgalriri and that person was bullying this girl which may cause serious troubles.
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Facebook and why it is bad

Of course isn't the best place to go on because there is a high chance you will get bullied. Facebook isn't so bad but it is worse than instagram. People attempt suicides by using facebook. Facebook may cause horrible memories because it causes cyber bullying. Although cyber bullying is just people saying mean things, it hurts peoples feelings which are equal to physically bullying somebody.


Cyber bullying can cause people to:

- commit suicide

- depression

- anxiety

- isolation

An example of cyber bullying victims were Amanda Todd, Megean Meier, Jessica Logan and 18 year old Tyler Clementi.

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Amanda Todd

Amanda Todd commit suicide in October 2012 and was 16 years old. She lived in British Columbia. She posted a video of herself with flash cards in the internet telling her life story. After her death, the video went viral. Sadly, even after her death her hate campaign kept going, people making fun of her suicide.
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A pole of cyber bullying around the world

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Top Cyber Bullied Countries

32% of people in India say that their child has experienced cyber bullying.

53% of people in Indonesia say that a child in their community has experienced cyber bullying.

77% of people in India say that there is net parent awareness of cyber bullying in the country.