Egg Drop Project


We had a few problems through out the project. Out first problem was, making the egg secure in the cups. Our second problem was connecting the parachute to the cups. Our last problem was finding the correct landing so the egg wouldn't crack. As you can tell, we had some problems but we managed to fix them.


We figured out that to protect fragile items you have to put lots of packing and protection for the item. To protect falling items a parachute will help slow the fall. We also made a landing pad for the egg. Everything that we did worked well.

Our Ideas

We had a lot of ideas but we went with putting the egg in the Dixie cups. In the cups we put cotton balls and packing peanuts to protect the egg. We also put straws on the cardboard so the egg didn't make direct contact to the ground. We also made a parachute to slow down the fall. We had made made all of our ideas work into one contraption.


We had to test our project several times. We dropped our egg from a table to test it. We decided that we had to secure our cups to the cardboard better. We put rubber bands around the cups and cardboard to make the cups stay down. After we made the changes we dropped it one more time, and it work. We were ready for the real drop.

Final Desgin

It took many changes to get our design to work. For the base we had our cardboard with Popsicle sticks and straws. Then, we had two dixie cups with the egg inside. For padding we put packing peanuts and cotton balls in the cups. Next, had to straws connected to the dixie cups to hold the parachute. It was time to drop the egg from the roof. When it got dropped to our surprise it survived.

What We Learned

We learned that you have to listen to other people´s ideas. You have to work together without fighting. We learned that their is six steps to the process. State the problem, gather ideas, find a solution, build it, evaluate, and present your results. We overall learned many different things.
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