Excitement! Announcements! AND Gift With Purchase!

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Gift with Purchase!

This month is just amazing for Beautycounter! Let's start with this super deal of a Gift with Purchase. When you spend $150* you will receive our Lustro Face Oil #3 ($68 value). This is incredible savings! Have you been hearing a lot about face oils but have been nervous to give them a try? Now is your chance.

*not including the price of tax or shipping- while supplies last from now through May 19

Why Use Lustro Face Oils?

People who are not experienced or knowledgeable about the benefits of face oils (like I was when I first became involved with Beautycounter!) usually are really hesitant about the idea of putting oil on their face! And especially those who have oily or combination skin might be thinking it is crazy to add oil to already oily skin! However, oils actually help our skin to reach that ultimate balance between producing too much oil and not enough.

The benefits are vast and almost immediate. Lustro Face Oils help to brighten, hydrate, heal, calm, and balance our skin. Lustro Face Oils even out our skin tone and even reduce the look of fine lines. Pure plant based oils like the Lustro Face Oils are full of antioxidants and have naturally occurring antimicrobial and ultra-hydrating properties.

I am hooked!! The best way to apply face oil is by putting a few drops in your hands and rubbing them together to warm up the oil. Then apply to freshly cleansed skin by pressing or patting your hands against your face so that the oil is absorbed into your skin. Many people, myself included, also like adding one to two drops of the oil directly into the moisturizer on your fingers and then applying with your moisturizer. This is a great way for beginners to try out using face oils. I find that in the morning, I often enjoy using the Lustro Face Oil alone as my moisturizer, and in the evening, I like adding it to my Restorative Night Cream moisturizer.

So are you thinking you might be ready to try it? Beautycounter has three amazing face oils. Each Lustro Face Oil has the same 7 base oils. What makes them different is the eighth oil to give it some more specific qualities.

Lustro Face Oil #3: Ylang Ylang and Chamomile balance oil production and sooth skin and works great for very dry, very oily, or complicated combination skin.

It's baaaaaaack!

Our Charcoal Cleansing Bar is BACK IN STOCK! It is so popular that it sold out very quickly last time. You might as well order two so that you know you have a spare ;-) This bar is a part of my morning routine every other day. We keep it in the shower where both my husband (he loves it), and I use it. It pulls impurities from your skin and works like a charm for skin prone to breakouts. It feels amazing and I will be a forever charcoal user! This bar is great for your teenagers who have that complicated teenage skin, and you can trust that Beautycounter's formula is safer and cleaner.
Beautycounter 100 Lashes
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Eye love it!!

Beautycounter's Lengthening mascara has finally arrived after three years in the making. Mine arrived last week, and I absolutely love it. The formula and the wand are a great match. The formula is long lasting. The best way to remove the mascara at the end of the day is with our Routine Cream Cleanser, the Nourishing Cleansing Balm, Soothing Baby Oil, or simply with coconut oil! I keep coconut oil in my bathroom and it is the perfect eye makeup remover allowing me to conserve my Routine Cream Cleanser and save the magical and versatile Nourishing Balm for my favorite use: overnight masks.

I also learned a makeup artist trick! I use our Vibrant Eye Perfector as well as our Lustro Face Oil. Whenever you use anything creamy or oily near your eyes you run the risk of some mascara sliding. Our Mattify Skin Finishing Powder is translucent and using our All Over Eye brush, putting a little of the powder under and on your eye before applying the mascara will help prevent this from happening. :-)

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My Other Favorite Eye Products

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Beautycounter for Target!

This is a huge year for Beautycounter! And it's only May! We launched our three-years-in-the-making high performing, lengthening mascara. We have more new products coming down the pike so keep your eyes and ears open! We have a pop-up shop opening in Nantucket for the summer, and perhaps the biggest, most exciting news is our partnership with the biggest retailer out there.....TARGET!!! This is so phenomenal for so many reasons. This 9 week, while supplies last, group of 17 made for Target Beautycounter products will help Beautycounter to further spread its mission to get safe products into the hands of everyone. Customers will have the opportunity to purchase select products in smaller sizes to let them see and feel the Beautycounter difference. Please let me know if you have any questions about this big news! Don't worry- I will still be a consultant with Beautycounter and can offer you our full selection of products ;-)

Lip Gloss!

Over the holidays two new Lip Glosses were available for a limited time. I am so excited to announce that Ruby and Opal are now a part of our permanent collection due to their popularity! Our Lip Glosses are not sticky and have the perfect amount of shine. Love them!!
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Beautiful New Packaging

As many of you already know, Beautycounter launched in Canada! Canada launched with a new, chic, and GORGEOUS Beautycounter look. The same safer, effective formulas presented in a navy way and some with a new name. Our Countertime line will soon be called Rejuvenating and our Essentials line will soon be called Nourishing. Rest assured, nothing inside the bottles has changed :-) Because Beautycounter does not want to create unnecessary waste, the new look will be shipping for products once current inventory of the first look is sold out. So, you may begin to see some new looks arriving with your orders!

Band of Beauty

Placing an order today? Think about joining Band of Beauty, our empowered community of members that help us to disrupt the beauty industry.

Have you placed two or three orders with Beautycounter? If so, becoming a member will provide you with savings AND rewards! So what are the perks?

A $25 annual membership includes the following:

  • For every $300 you spend, you will receive $25 in Product Credit to use on your next purchase.
  • FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100
  • Educational Opportunities from our Trusted Non-Profits
  • Our very best products at an $80 savings* (optional and not required for enrollment)

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