Is Reproductive Cloning Really Bad?

Is cloning really such a good idea?

What is Cloning?

Cloning is when one living organism duplicates itself to have 2 exact copies of the original.

Background Information

  • Dolly the sheep was the first mammal ever cloned(1996).
  • Lab in South Korea clones dogs.
  • Countries around the world banned human cloning
  • Scientists are trying to use the cloning method with partial Woolly Mammoth DNA.


  • Cloning could save many endangered species
  • If farmers clone their best animals, then there would be much more good food
  • In rain forests, we could clone trees and transplant them into the rain forest.
  • Cloning could bring back the dead


  • There might be an overpopulation of animals if they are cloned
  1. This could completely mess up the ecosystem
  • People might clone themselves just for their organs
  • People could abuse their cloning privileges


Honestly, I think cloning should be allowed, but only under a very strict set of rules. If we had no rules with cloning, there would be a bunch of identical people wandering around. There should be a limit to cloned humans and pets. No rules should apply to trees/plants. Also, if a human clones themselves, they should have to take care of the clone.


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