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The FSEB Changes Its Policy!

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The FSEB has changed its policy. You now only have to be 5% human to be "legal". Bob Joe, the President and CEO of the FSEB says, "I am happy with our company's choice. I think this will help people to actually have a chance to live". Citizens are also a lot happier with the FSEB's decision. Citizen Ethan Miller says, "I like these new standards very much". The FSEB has also made the consequences worse. "Those that violate the FSEB's rules can serve in jail time and now even execution'.

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Special Interview with, Jenna Fox!

CN: How does it feel to only have 10%?

Jenna: It is hard to describe, I haven't really felt what it is like to be "normal' so I cant really describe what its like. But I would just say, I feel normal.

CN: Do people ever leave you out?

Jenna: People don't usually leave me out because they don't know my "secret".

CN: How old is your Daughter?

Jenna: She is almost 13.

CN: How does it feel to live longer than normal?

Jenna: Its okay. I learn about more things but it is hard to see loved ones like Ethan pass away.

CN: When you were in school did you have many friends?

Jenna: I had a few, Ethan, Allys, and some other people who I don't really consider as "friends" but are usually nice to me.

CN: How did people treat you at school?

Jenna: They treated me well overall.

CN: At that time, did anybody besides your parents know about you?

Jenna: Yes my two closest friends, Ethan and Allys.

CN: Is Allys still living with you?

Jenna: Yes, she is.

CN: Do you think your grandmother, Lily actually loved you?

Jenna: In my heart I think that she did.

CN: As of now, do you like your life?

Jenna: Yes I am very happy with my daughter and friend Allys.

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Clayton Bender ?-2138 Died Of Old Age

Clayton Bender, a friend, and an amazing artist was a great man.
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