Camp Hope

Hold on pain ends! ♥

Our camp !

This camp is a FREE camp to help kids not feel left out.

We do activities so kids can be active with energy we have alot of helpers that are willing to make kids happy.

Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL)

This is a fast growing cancer of the white blood cell.

*About 4,000 new cases of (ALL) in the U.S each year

*Often happen on kids 10 years or younger

Survival Rates:

The cure rate is 40%

In general about 80% to 90% people with (ALL) will have complete remission after treatment


-Bleeding from the gums.
-Bone pain.
-Fever.(MayoClinic, 2013)

Our awesome activities

Camp hope opens in summer!

June 9-14

June 16-19

June 20-25

July 6-13

Monday: 9am to 3pm

tuesday:9am to 3pm

wednesday:9am to 3pm

thursday:9am to 3pm

Friday-sat-sun 9am-3pm

How we feel at camp hope.

At camp hope we dont just think about us we also think about the kids we dont want them to feel left out just because they have any type of illness/sickness.

we want everyone to feel safe and secure around us we want to bring out the joy and happiness in them by doing all kinds of activities.

Not everyone might think the same about these kids but we do think no one is diffrent then others.


We feed children and give them snacks,they never leave hungry

we supply enough food for everyone and drinks.

we try to get something everyone likes.

we hope you comy by and check out our camp.


9:00 - eat breakfast
9:45 - take a walk in the woods.
10:40 - go in side for refreshemt
11:25 - Ride on boats (:


12:45-Art class

1:15:Rest time

1:30-Coking class

2:00-snack (From cooking class)

2:30-clean time

3:00-Departure time

Thank you.