Manaic Magee

Diamond Dee


Maniac Magee takes place in the east end and this is present, the conflict in the story is maniac Magee lives no where until he meets Amanda beagle & her family takes him in but he's white and there black and maniacs really liked in town but some kids are jealous of him and try to run him outta town. The book begins with the actual story of maniac life how his parents pasted away, when he moved with his aunt and how he left and also his real name ( Jeffery Magee )


The main character is maniac Magee, three words to describe the main character are daring, outgoing, generous. The character is motived by him having a actual home now and a address, the twins he live with adore him and look up to him. & the books he reads that his friend Amanda gives him from the library also motivate him. I dislike about the character is how he cares so much about what the old man says about him to the point where it runs him out of town again. The relationship between maniac and Amanda is complicated because its like she wants him around but she cant admit up to it.


The theme of this novel is your never alone & your loved an cared about and that comes most when you have faith and believe in your self. One example from the book is how the twins look up to maniac. another example Is how Amanda & her family accepts maniac and takes him in. the third example from the book is how the town believes In him and doesn't discourage him. the final example is how maniac doesn't fall down when the old man runs him out of town he keeps going in hope of a new place and family.


I rate this book a ten , I give this book this rating because its good and funny and shows a lot of determination and has multipliable scenes. Teens really cant relate to this book because its about a homeless boy trying to find his way and become accepted


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