Summer Reading Boot Camp

Phonics, word chopping, spelling and test taking skills

Things to Read and Watch


Like many things, Smore has both free and paid subscriptions. You are limited to 5 flyers on the free plan. Their educator prices are pretty good!

Southwest Parke teachers... you are always welcome to pay out of pocket! ;) If you want a corporation paid subscription, you must request it during open windows. The cost will be covered through your students' class fees. Watch your email and Google Classroom for announcements of this once-a-year opportunity to request a subscription.

If you are building a complete lesson in Smore, such as those for eLearning Days, the mini course below will show you quick information specific to that process.

The content that follows will teach you more about using Smore.

Smore Tutorial
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Create a lesson in Smore and assign it to your students! This is a great option for all grade levels to use for eLearning Days!

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