Tangrine Tracking Poster

By. Jasmine Dalrymple


Mom-When the Fisher family moved to Tangerine they moved schools and Mrs. Fisher ,Paul's mom, told the school that he had a eye disability. This made the school have to kick him off of the soccer team. "Coach Walski said I'm in a program for the handicapped so I'm off the team. "

Page 63

Dad- Because of Mr. Fisher Paul's dad they had to move to Tangerine; this is is bad and good. It is good because he now has new friend's but it is bad because he was token away from his soccer team and now had to be the new kid at the school. "Todays the first day of school." page 33

Dad- Paul's dad paid more attention to Erik and the Erik Fisher football dream and won't even go to Paul's soccer games. page 92

Mom and Dad- when they lied to Paul about how he got his bad eyesight. He spent a large portion of his life feeling bad about how dumb he was for looking into a solar eclipse for to long while Erick actually spray painted his eyes.
Dad- Not coming to any of his games made him see that he doesn't care as much about Paul's soccer than about Erik's football.