Secondary Update

Monday 19 January 2015

Thank you...

... to Susie, Amanda and Madeleine for all their work preparing for Uni visits pending. Hugely valuable for our students as they scope their options.

... to Lissie, Flora and Adrian for the upcoming PP writing workshop this week

... to the other internal candidates for Adrian's position for next year. Not easy to put yourself on the line like that in front of peers. Also to Coco and Rahul for their input to the process

... to all staff who continue to send positive and encouraging emails and cards, acknowledging great work and or deeds. We know these make a difference for our kids and parents.

Tuesday Meeting - 'Teacher Inquiries'

Please use this time to mark, input grades or whatever is highest priority for you in relation to the upcoming ARR round.

Maureen O'Rourke - EdPartnerships

Maureen and her company have been working with us to embed a model of Evidence Inquiry in both sectors. With the HODs taking on an increased role to facilitate the development of our teacher inquiries with dept members, the focus of tomorrow's session is to support them to do this. Questions that form part of tomorrow's session include...

  • What are the ways that teachers currently work out where students enter the learning in any given unit of work?
  • What types of data and evidence is being used?
  • How are teachers monitoring the progress of student learning throughout a unit?
  • What evidence do they gather and analysis to determine the overall impact of a Unit and their teaching?

As all our new staff are joining the Teacher Inquiry times on Tuesdays, starting this term, we have arranged a half day introduction for them with Maureen on Wednesday 21 January.

Enjoy the day and week.....