Iditarod Dogs!!!

By: Sydney Wine and McKenna Locklear Date: 3-10-15 P: 1-7


  • 12-16 dogs on a sled
  • The first Iditarod dogs were descendants from wolves
  • 5 dogs must finish
  • Modern sled are Siberian huskys
  • 1-2 dogs die each year


  • The freezing temperatures are comfortable for the dogs
  • Dogs are forced to run in very bad weather
  • Dogs prefer cold weather over hot
  • The most important way to take care of your dog is to keep it warm

Dog Features

  • The dogs have heavy layered coats
  • They have short ears
  • Hard foot pads
  • The dogs are loyal
  • Muscular and physical strength are very important
  • They have different dogs for different positions

Interesting Facts

  • Dogs and mushers are very close to each other
  • To reward the dogs after the race, they get the best food!
  • The most important thing about training a dog is to keep a set training schedule
  • They are excited to start the race
  • They were first used on the expedition to reach the North and South pole


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