Chris Kyle

A Tragic Hero

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Chris Kyle was an United States Navy Seal. With 160 out of 255 confirmed kills Chris was considered the most lethal United States sniper. He was married to a women named Taya. Later on, he and Taya had two children. After serving four tours , Chris was honorably discharged from the Navy. The American Sniper died on February 2, 2013 from being shot and bleeding out.

What Makes a Tragic Hero

1.The hero must be intelligent so he may learn from his mistakes.

2.Hero must understand his doom, as well as the fact that his fate was discovered by his own actions.

3.Hero must suffer more than he deserves.

4.Hero must be noble in nature, but imperfect so that the audience can see themselves in him.

5.The hero must have a weakness, usually it is pride.

6.Hero must be physically or spiritually wounded by his experiences, often resulting in his death.

Consideration of Being a Tragic Hero

Chris Kyle is a tragic hero because he did suffer more than he had to, people can relate to him, he does have a weakness, was wounded physically from experiences, understood that he was doomed, and did learn from his mistakes. When Chris was younger he performed as a professional bronco rodeo rider and worked on a ranch, but had to end his career when his arm was injured. After his arm had healed, Chris applied to the U.S. Marine Corps with an interest in special operations. However, was denied because he had pins in his arm from the injury. Later on he received an invitation to the 24-week Basic Underwater Demolition, SEAL School. He then was assigned to SEAL Team 3. This man faced many battles of the Iraq War during his four tours. Chris loved Taya, whom he married the day before he left for his first tour. Since the day that he met Taya, he has been torn between duty and love. When Chris would get back from his tours, he would have nightmares and flashbacks that would sometimes push Taya almost to the breaking point. After he was honorably discharged he suffered for PTSD. My tragic hero died on February 2, 2013 from a gunshot wound and bled out.
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The Death of Chris Kyle

On February 2, 2013 Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield was shot by Eddie Ray Routh, who was 25 years of age and U.S. Marine Corps veteran. After Eddie came back from his tours, he suffered from Post Tramadic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and was diagnosed with schizophenria. Five days, before Chris and Chad took him to Rough Creek Ranch-Lodge-Resort to the shooting range Eddie had yet another mental breakdown. There had been numerous of occasions where Chris and Chad had taken Eddie to the shooting range to help him cope with his PTSD. When both men were found dead they were armed with a .45-caliber,1911-style pistol. Neither gun had been unholstered or fired and both guns had the safeties on. Both guns that had killed our American Sniper and his friend were both owned by Chris Kyle. After the shooting Eddie fled to his sister's house and had told her what he had done. His sister then called 9-1-1 and said "They went out to a shooting range... Like, he's all crazy. He's f***ing psychotic." Local police finally captured Routh after a short freeway chase, which ended when Routh,using Chris Kyle's truck, crashed into a police cruiser in Lancaster.

Full Memorial of Chris Kyle

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American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History

"There’s another question people ask a lot: Did it bother you killing so many people in Iraq? I tell them, “No.” And I mean it. The first time you shoot someone, you get a little nervous. You think, can I really shoot this guy? Is it really okay? But after you kill your enemy, you see it’s okay. You say, Great. You do it again. And again. You do it so the enemy won’t kill you or your countrymen. You do it until there’s no one left for you to kill. That’s what war is."

-Chris Kyle, American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History

"Everybody gets water-boarded during training. The idea is to prepare you in case you’re captured. The instructors tortured us as hard as they could, tying us up and pounding on us, just short of permanently damaging us."

-Chris Kyle, American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History

"Before we deployed, Taya and I chose to get married. The decision surprised both of us. One day we started talking in the car, and we both came to the conclusion that we should get married. The decision stunned me, even as I made it. I agreed with it. It was completely logical. We were definitely in love. I knew she was the woman I wanted to spend my life with. And yet, for some reason, I didn’t think the marriage would last. We both knew that there is an extremely high divorce rate in the SEALs. As a matter of fact, I’ve heard marriage counselors claim that it is close to 95 percent, and I believe it."

-Chris Kyle, American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History

Chris Kyle Bill

It was a bill to help military veterans to become a police officer. It was a fast-track to get a job as a police officer for veterans. The bill will allow military veterans to prove their skills and skip out on certain parts of the police academy, streamlining access to employment.