Internet Safety

Just because it is fun doesn't mean it is safe

Try to be safe online

Try to put minimal information online and when you sign up for something don't fill in things that are optional. Being safe online is important there are people nicknamed Internet "predators" who try to lure kids in to be their prey. With the right information people can find you.

7 Tips to stay safe online

  1. Never share anything optional in a sign-up doesn't mean you have to fill it and don't.
  2. Don't talk to anyone you don't know because for all you all know they could be an adult Internet "predator".
  3. Don't say personal information because depending on the information they could find you.
  4. Don't let people get to you make sure you ignore those cyber-bullies that are waiting for you to snap.
  5. Treat the other Internet people how you want to be treated be nice to the people you are talking to or gaming with.
  6. Don't use the same user name any where else online people could search that name and find more information about you.
  7. Don't use a screen name that indicates your gender because some "predators" are looking for just girls or just boys simple as that.

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