Reconstruction Era

By Emma Perry, Lauren Hussey, Mattey Weaver, Riley Berkland

Overall Impact of Reconstruction Era

The time of the Reconstruction Era was full of pain, anger, and lots of problems with the government. After the civil war a lot of important decisions had to be made about if the African American slaves who were know free could be a part of the government. The slaves started to form their own government which made the regular government mad and that's when black codes and the KKK came into play.

Black Codes During the Reconstruction

After the first part of the war, when they were reconstructing the South, Lincoln put in place something called the “Black Codes”. Which were rules/laws that restrained blacks or African Americans from being overworked or enslaved while reconstructing the South.
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The KKK's Role in the Reconstruction

The KKK during the Reconstruction Era impacted the people back then greatly, but not in a good way. The KKK is an anti-immigration clan who expresses their historical views by using violence. Lots of colored people during this time in the Reconstruction Era suffered from attacks and killing. The KKK mostly targeted the poor and innocent people because they were the easiest to get to. A lot of people were killed or severely hurt in the time of the Reconstruction Era.

The Presidential Reconstruction

The presidential reconstruction was one of the biggest parts of the reconstruction because republicans lost a lot of power. Also they added new rules and regulations which made the regular government more angry and a lot of questions were being asked during this time about the government and their ways.
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