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Importance of Guar & Cassia Derivatives in Animal Feeds Products

The bulk of animal feed comprises of fodder such as the Napier grass and Lucerne. These are not sufficient to let the animals produce enough by products like milk for economical use. It is therefore important to introduce other supplements for these specific purposes.

Importance of Special Feeds for Animals

  • Source of energy for animals. Energy is vital for actively lactating animals and is directly related to the total production of the animal.

  • Source of protein. This is important for the body build up of the animal. Meat producing animals such as beef and pork require large amounts of proteins for maximum returns to be achieved.

  • Vitamins and minerals. Similar to the human body they are important for protection of the body against diseases, development of special tissue such as eggs metabolism in chicken.

Animal Feed Ingredients

A good and nutritious animal feed must contain the major ingredients vital to the body of an animal. Feed concentrates are manufactured to provide the high amounts of these nutrients needed.

Health Importance of Animal Feeds

  • The guar meal is an important ingredient in animal feed due to its high concentration of proteins. It has over 55% protein surpassing other protein sources. Once extracted from source it undergoes further processing and trypsin inhibitors are removed off increasing its nutritive value.

  • It also has a high percentage of fiber content of up to 10% important to the digestive processes.

  • While using nutrient supplements, cost is a very important consideration for production to enhance the overall profitability. In fish farming the cassia tora powder is a crucial source of feed for fish. This is due to its affordability as well as the nutrient contribution. Its high protein content leads to rapid multiplication of fish and increased production.

  • The tamarind gum shows a high level of antibacterial action when incorporated as an animal feed product hence serving as an immunity booster. The kennel powder of the tamarind has a high percentage protein therefore a good source protein to animals and even to human beings.

  • The Trigonella foenum – graecum (fenugreek) gum powder has very high percentage of fiber which boosts the metabolism of glucose in animals and oxidative processes of the body. Similar to other gums, it also has a high percentage of proteins which are useful to the animal as well as the human body.

  • The sesbania gum also has a high percentage of proteins and the seed serves as a very useful addition in chicken feeds.

Studies have shown that animals supplemented with animal feed concentrate have higher production and show better health giving overall profits in animal rearing. To know more about Guar Gum & its derivatives, kindly visit –


When animals are reared with fodder some of the important nutrients may not be available for the animal. Therefore it is important for special feeds to be given to animals to provide additional proteins, energy, and even minerals to provide nutrients for special processes such as egg formation and milk production. Some of the best sources of these nutrients include guar gum powder, sesbania gum, fenugreek gum and the cassia gum. Feeds having these supplements are important constituents for the diet of the animal.

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