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Young Adults Moving Forward- Week 6

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Weekly Monday Morning Memo

Hi All- Please remember if there are items you want to share with all staff, this is the forum to do this. If it is something that needs to be done so in a timely manner that can't wait until Monday morning use the listserv, otherwise send your info to Jason
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Due Process Updates

  • All documents that need to be scanned should be put directly into the DP Room. If you do not have a key, you can put it in the DP mailbox in the main office, but note that it may take longer to make it upstairs. Please be mindful of what you choose to put into the DP file. Things that are needed include anything with a signature, anything that is not already in EdPlan (and won't be scanned), but keep anything superfluous in your own file.
  • There continue to be many questions and errors when creating eval plans. Everyone is required to watch the short instructional videos on EdPlan. They can be found by clicking on "EdPlan Help" at the left side of EdPlan after logging in. You will be responsible for the information in these videos.
  • Reminder: Anything that requires a signature (PWNs, etc.) for families that speak a language other than English need to be offered to have the document translated. If the do not want it translated, they must sign a Waiver. The signed Waiver should be turned in to Fay to be scanned. If they want the document translated, there is a procedure and we are to give the translator an additional week to get it done.
  • Don't forget to accept proposed IEPs and OOD Verifications. EdPlan does not recognize the new date until this they've been accepted. Please remember to do so as soon as you get a signature OR after 14 calendar days (implied consent).
  • You do NOT need to add teachers to eval plans who hold the correct licensure. Cindy Atsatt said that they need only be on the team and be present for all meetings.
New documents added to Google Docs:

1) PWN Language Sample

2) Evaluation Pieces

Go Pink- Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Annual screening mammograms are the best way to detect breast cancer in its earliest, most curable stages. Yet many women put off getting a mammogram due to busy schedules or inconvenience. At Park Nicollet Jane Brattain Breast Center, we are committed to making mammograms more convenient for women. Our mobile mammography unit, Mammo a-go-go, brings the best in screening services to you in a tranquil, spa-on-wheels environment.

On-site mobile mammography is available for employees and spouses. Appointments only take 15 minutes and are a covered preventive benefit under the Affordable Care Act.

See Full Details

Pride Group

There will be a pride group starting October 7 and will meet on CBI Fridays. This group is for LGBTQ students and allies. Let your advisory students know this will be an option. For more information see Tam.

Random Searches

Please advise students that there may be a random search day when they enter the building. When a random search day occurs- all students entering the building will have their bags randomly searched and they will be wanded. This is an effort to maintain everyone's safety for a drug-free and weapon free zone.

Pre-CNA class

The Pre-C.N.A. class will be going to Ebenezer Care Center for a training on Wednesday, October, 5th.

Students will meet at door 15 at 9:45 and return by 12:30. Students who are are unable to join because of other commitments will have class as usual with John Banisky. We were not able to schedule this on a Friday. See Janet for a list of students.


On Tuesdays, we encourage all staff to come dressed professionally. Tie Tuesdays are about putting forward our best selves. Women are encouraged to wear ties or scarves too as part of 'tied' professional dress.

Counselor's Corner

Happy Post-Secondary Knowledge Month!

1. Thank you for your post-secondary information! Be sure to check out the front bulletin board to take a glimpse at what your colleagues did during high school and after!

2. Here are two links to Power Points to share with your Advisory during this month. Please feel free to edit as you see fit for your own advisory.

a. Post Secondary Options

b. College / Career Myths

3. Every Thursday for the month of October, I encourage you to wear clothes that promote this month! Suggestions are college shirts, a non-profit t-shirt, a piece of clothing from a place where you have volunteered, your first work uniform, business formal clothes.

Here is the link to the 2nd semester master schedule survey.

This survey is due back to Robby on Friday October 14th. No late submissions will be accepted.

Questions / Comments / Concerns? Chat with Robby!

Mental Health CEUs

Here is a free opportunity for Mental Health CEUs

Walk/ Bike to Work Day!

Walk/Bike to work day will occur on October 5th and we usually get a few prizes from the districts' Wellness Dept. If students and staff can walk/bike to school safely, we encourage them to do so.(And on time). We also have had people walk/bike to school the entire week, if Oct 5th doesn't work for an individual person.

Stay tuned for more details.

Help Keep Our Building Clean!

There has been a recent policy change in the engineering department. In the past, engineers would be allotted overtime to cover for missing/vacant positions. With this time, they would be able to perform the daily cleaning duties needed to to keep that area safe and sanitary. With the new policy they will no longer be receiving this time that is needed to keeping the building up. This week will be especially difficult because they will be short two staff.

Please help out and clean up after yourselves and pick up items you may see on the floor. If there are other supports you can think of, please let Dave or myself know. Let's all pitch in and make sure our school stays clean and safe for our students.

Also, you may want to let the engineering staff know how much we do appreciate them!

Free Money/ Resources

This is the Achieve Mpls grant opportunity. The deadline for grant submission is November 4th 2016. Vicki is happy to consider ideas teachers may have as long as they’re within the grant guidelines.

She'll complete as many applications as she is able within the 10 hours a week allotted to her to work on grants.

Learning Through Internships: Connecting Students' Passions to the Real World