Bullying Awareness

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When you don't know who to talk to, we're here..

Sometimes you feel like no ones there for you, like you're alone. Well you're not. We're here for you. We want to help you and make you into a better you.

Every day in downtown at 5pm!

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Bullying: Using superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.

There are many types of bullying including verbal bullying and cyberbullying.

Our consequences include: Call home, meeting, referral , I.S.S, O.S.S , expulsion .

Bullies can be very aggressive and impulsive.

We also give training to teacher so that they will have better investigation skills, and understanding skills. Students help investigate the bully reports, to help put an end to the bullying.

This a place where you can come and share your story and listen to others as well. You can see all the similarities you might have with other peers. You can also make friends too!