Monthly District Information

Updated 9/9/2015

Elementary Curriculum Team Meetings

Each month I attend the Elementary Curriculum Team meeting for our district. Sometimes the learning is very specific to content areas and sometimes it is more general. In an effort to keep you informed without taking time away from schedules, or your team planning, I thought it might be helpful if I send you a list of what we discussed.

ECT Meeting September 4 2015

Here's what we discussed

1. Tell me a story - Technology Integration

  • ​How are your teachers using technology in the classroom?
  • We are looking for stories of the use of technology as part of the curriculum (not an add on). Please email or share with me anything you are doing. PLEASE contact me if you need an idea!!!

2. GoNoodle - Are you using this in your classrooms?
  • Teachers and parents can sign up for a free account.
  • I put a copy of "5 Ways to Use GoNoodle" and a note that you can send home to parents in your team leaders box.

3. LISD Elementary Assessments -
  • The LISD Elementary Assessment Guide can be accessed through the Elementary Curriculum Home Page.
  • THERE ARE CHANGES- Take a look at the following pages:
  • pg. 4 ELLs : 3rd from bottom
  • pg. 6 Under Classroom Teachers: Print all answer documents to PDF in case a paper copy is needed. If you go in Tests Available and click on Print Answer Documents, you can save the answer sheets to your desktop. This should be done K-5 even if you don't use answer sheets. This way if a student is absent and takes the test after the window closes you can print out just that students answer document and scan it. This will GREATLY reduce the amount of help tickets!
  • The last 12 pages of the assessment guide walk you through entering into AWARE.
  • The LISD Assessment Calendar: I put a copy in your boxes earlier this year.
  • Some changes have occurred because of the later testing date for STAAR in May.

4. LISD Spelling Matters Guidelines -

5. Teacher Websites -
  • Please make sure your teacher webpages are updated and easy for parents to access.

6. STAAR Math Connections -
  • RAMP UP date for this is Sept. 21.
  • 3rd - 5th: We will meet for a refresher and discussion of the timeline for this year. Date TBD.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for all you do! Take care and have a great day :)