BY THINK BIG! Industries

Solution for Schools!

We’ve noticed that this generation of students are forgetting their homework a lot! If this would continue, the next generation probably won’t be as useful to help our country as today’s is. That is why we thought of a simple object that can at least help our students by doing their homework on time. The Vizi-Glasses will help kids do their homework very easily, even if he or she is sick. By simply wearing the Vizi-Glasses, the student can get a visual tutorial of the period’s lesson, and then proceed on to the day’s homework or the assignment given. The 12- 18 age range for my group’s product is excellent, because, like I said; many students in this age range are not doing well in school because they are not completing their homework. Also, some don’t even write their homework down due to laziness, and finally many teens in this age group like high tech objects and the latest trends. The Vizi-Glasses can be connected to your classroom by your school, if they agree to let you use your Vizi-Glasses and connect to the class network. It also has a huge variety of free “educational” apps, such as Microsoft Word, Edmodo, and Bitstrips. You can have a 3D holographic keyboard and mouse in your own Vizi-Glasses. You simply have to turn on your keyboard app on and tap on your board above a flat space!


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