Nadia : Rodriguez

Career Research:

  1. Description :

    the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

  2. Daily tasks and responsibilities : You need to plan advertising & promotional.

  3. Education/ training needed : Market research, Sales, Art, & History.

    Provided Job skills : face to face sales and marketing with local business customers.

  4. Salary : $115.750

  5. Work environment : Advertising, public relations & related services 24%

    Job outlook : Advertising and promotions managers will be needed to plan, direct, and coordinate advertising and promotional campaigns, as well as to introduce new products to the marketplace. They will also be needed to manage digital media campaigns, which often target customers through the use of websites, social media, or live chats.

High School Preparation

Courses : Sports & Entertainment marketing & Business Accounting.

Extra-curricular Activities : Art.

Work/ Volunteer Experience : You could work in an office, or in a art class.

References : Ms. Guastafson, Ms. Marchese & Mr. Nov.

Colleges : De Paul University, in Chicago. Dominican university in Chicago IL. University of Illinois at Springfield.

Training/ Certificate Programs: Financial Managers.

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