SSR project

By David Haroldson

Lawn boy

This kid gets a lawn mower from his grandpa for his birthday and he decides to mow lawns to make some money he comes across another kid who will get him a bank account then a guy named after rock came along before that he got wrestler and the rest of the story is rock attacking one more time and him telling his parents everything.

Reading Reflection

I learned I like reading suspense books and drama kinda books I like all types of books and in my write to learn at the bottom it talks about on how reading gives you a mental challenge and video games kinda make you dissy

Write to learn

What I like about reading is that sometimes you can see the picture inside your head. Lot of people like that not so much if zombie books but still. So Laury crewman, I think you should make it, so there is one class period just reading. Also if we just read before we did something fun, we would be more motivated to read because too kids reading is just something we don't get a choice and have to do.

Reading is better than video games because of many reasons one if you read you get to relax. Two if you read you won't get a headache because of all the motion of your fingers or all the pictures of the screen. If you go outside Yes that is better than reading since you are doing something for your body and mind reading is just for the mind. However, also for games, no matter what you are full of movement but not so much mind like reading which is more of important.

Yes a lot of kids like video games because they don't have to listen to anybody telling them what to do. You can do whatever you want play the game you want. You do everything by yourself. No one is making fun of you if you miss or mess up. Also if you have enough money, you can go out a no buy a game and that game you bought you can play all day when you want.

Video games are one of my most favorite things to do I like to play Dragon Ball Disney infinity which is Disney characters, marvel, and Star Wars. Just the other day, I bought vision from Avenger's age of ultron and Captain America civil War I bough him at game stop. My brother play games and I with each other like racing games football games. We sometimes don't get along but most of the time we do it gets bad then the next day it's fine.

Going outside helps your body get going you get exorcize, which is great. However, it is not the mental challenge you get from reading which is more important. However, also if you think about it depends on what game you play outside like football, you need to think of a play to get past the other team. However, in like black widow or something all, you think about is not getting hit.

So, my point for this is reading is better most of the time depending on what you are comparing it to. So what I said earlier, we should get one period of reading and just maybe get rid of one of the study halls for it. Because a lot of people are done with their work in the first period unlike me sometimes, I don't get my work done mostly for science. However, that is completely another reason I just need to go back to the beginning of the year when I get the stuff done in the class.