Board of Education

March 17, 2014

March is Reading Month

March is Reading Month - IditaREAD has been a huge success. Thank you to Mrs. Bills and Mrs. Ashbaugh for preparing a packet of information for K-4 teachers to utilize this month.

Thank you to Mrs. Grace to obtaining the guest speaker, Alaskan Author Pam Flowers. The author is noted for her positive and inspiring stories where animals and people work together with courage and loyalty.

Perception Survey

K-4 students have participated in a short perception survey, which was completed using the iPads. Staff will be reviewing the information provided and develop plan for improvement if needed.

Orchard Primary staff members (teachers, para-professionals, para-educators, and support staff) have been given the opportunity to complete two perception surveys. One is directly from NCA, and the other survey was created by District Improvement Team members to obtain information to help plan for improvement.


Every teacher in Orchard Primary have received between two to six Walk-throughs. This is a non-threatening, non-evaluative means to provide the principal a quick snapshot of student learning. Each Walk-through consists of three to five minutes in the classroom and completion of documentation form which is shared with teacher.

Every teacher in Orchard Primary will have two mini-observations completed by the end of this week. Each mini-observation consists of a twenty minute classroom observation followed by a written document that records formative feedback. Feedback is value-neutral. It describes what was observed or not observed.

Many teachers are embracing the practice of posting Learning Targets. The purpose of using learning targets as part of formative assessment is to help students understand what they are learning, how to reach the "target", and what success looks like once the target is reached.

One area that will require additional professional development - Formative Assessment.

Teachers will need to spend time on determining how formative assessment improves their teaching and helps their students succeed in a standards-based environment?

Formative assessment is purposefully directed toward the student. It does not emphasize how teachers deliver information but, rather, how students receive that information, how well they understand it, and how they can apply it.

RAD shirts

Twenty tickets are needed to earn the 2013-14 RAD Raider tshirt. Tickets are issued by classroom teachers and given in recognition of positive behavior expectations. Congratulations to Mrs. Ruhala for recognizing the first students and Mrs. Ashbaugh for every one of her students having earned their shirt.

Tshirts were funded by PTA Market day proceeds from pie sales.

Family Literacy Center returns to OP

Last week we offered a parent workshop on ADD. Approximately twenty five staff and parents attended. One of the best workshops I have participated in.

Parents and Children Together (PACT) - For school age children and their parents or caregiver. Free event that focuses on teaching children and their parents fun learning games they can play together. Volunteers rotate through groups teaching games to parents and children. Includes story time and students receive a free book. A snack will also be provided.

PACT 2 is for 3rd -4th grade on Monday, March 24 from 6:00-7:30 pm

PACT 1 was held for 1st - 2nd grade students with forty participants.

Michigan Interim Assessment Spring 2014 Pilot

Grades K-2 will have the opportunity to participate in the Language Arts and Mathematics pilot assessments.

Testing window is March 24 - May 23

Each subject has two test parts:

15 questions each for K-1 Language Arts and Kdg Math

19 questions each for Language Arts grade 2 and 1st grade Math

20 questions each form Math grade 2

Each testing time per part is 25-45 minutes.

Kdg Parent Info night

Kindergarten Parent Information night will take place on April 3. Information will be shared in our monthly newsletter, on website and in the local newspapers.

Just a reminder for the 2014-2015 school year, children must be FIVE years old by October 1st.


Is BK being offered?

Full day or half day?