Faculty Meeting

Wednesday, January 13


Recess- Shawna *SPED & 504 students

Wylie ISD 2016-2017 School Calendar- (Rough Draft) - Shawna

Wednesday, January 20- Professional Development Expectations

12:50-3:15pm- Shawna

Teams will be creating agendas for each PLC for the nine weeks. Teams will create a protocol that reflects these things.

  • Know your "what": Curriculum Focus- What must our students know? (SE) What must our students be able to do as a result of this unit?
  • How will you know your students have learned it? How will your team analyze data?
  • Know your "when": How are you chunking your SE's for the unit of study?
  • Know your "How": How is your team planning quality instruction in Forethought? How is your team incorporating the Fundamental Five? critical thinking?
  • Know your "who": Individualized Instruction for Intervention- How will we monitor the learning of each student, on each essential skill, on a timely basis?
  • Know your "Where": Data Reflection- What is the district, teacher and classroom data? How many of my students are scoring advanced? Which SE's are above 80%?

Goal at the end of the day: One objective of what your team would like to accomplish (use the assessment calendar as a guide) and a specific agenda for each PLC for the nine weeks.

Mapping Your Learning- Video/Lessons- Holly

Take lots of pictures of Wylie Way activities and use the hashtag #mapmyfuturewisd

Checkpoint Dates and Expectations- Krista

Title 1 Family Engagement Night- January 28- 5-7pm- Kara

Fourth Grade Writing Buddies-Cassie

February 15- District Professional Development Day- Shawna

This will be a data and planning day. We will work in teams to analyze, DRA, Aims web, checkpoints, Writing ( using the writing continuum), DPA's and update our data notebooks and data wall. We will work with teams to plan interventions. Each grade level will turn their agenda in by February 10. You may include work time/gather resources as a part of the agenda. Lunch will be on your own from 11:45-1:00. Please include what room # your team will analyzing data and planning in. Contact learning specialists if you would like their help planning or analyzing data. Krista and I will spend the day rotating through grade levels.