Lawrence Kohlberg

By: Chelsea Murillo

Basic Information.

Lawrence Kohlberg was born in Bronxville, New York on October 25th, 1927. His father and mother separated when he was four but didn't divorce until ten years later. When he was 7 him and his three other siblings spent 6 months at a time with each parent until finally in 1938 the battle of custody was ended and the children were allowed to live with which ever parent they'd like. After spending time as a sailor he decided to study psychology. On January 19, 1987 Kohlberg walked into the Boston Harbor committing suicide because he was suffering from depression as well as a parasitic infection that had taken it's toll on him.
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Stages of Moral Development.

This theory states that one's moral reasoning has 6 developmental stages, each one more adept to responding to moral situations then the previous stage. These six stages of development are separated into 3 main levels of focus.

Level 1, the Pre-Conventional stage which takes place during early childhood. One is focused on the self not others, they are only worried about how something affects them not how it affects others.

An example of this would be a toddler that wants a toy from another toddler. They want to play with the toy even it makes the other one upset as long as they get the toy they could care less.

Level 2, or the Conventional stage, this stage is characterized by the acknowledgement and acceptance of society's views of right and wrong.

An example of this would be a kid understanding that it's not okay to steal a bag of candy even though they would like to.

Level 3 or Post Conventional Stage is the thought that one may know the difference between society's right and wrong, but they also understand that they are their own person who has their own perspectives of right and wrong.

An example of the above stage would be the kid knowing it's wrong but still stealing the bag of candy because they were hungry.

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Intellectual Theorists