It is about were there is this kid who runs away from home cause his parents died so hes living with his aunt and uncle but they wont speak to each other and they wont share anything but they both love him so they have days that they get to have him for the day so one night he runs away and he meets lots of people on his way and becomes friends with them but every time he thinks that he finnally has a address something bad happens but in the end he goes back to the beales and finnally has a address
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Meet the Author: Jerry Spinelli

Maniac Maggee


Maniac and Milky way had lots of conflicts where mostly Maniac wasnt harmed by until he spray painted the house.Telling him pretty much that he didnt belong there so then maniac maggee ended up leaving the beales.

It was a very interesting book .And it was sad a one point cause in the end someone ended up dying.But it ended up as a good book.


what he said

When I was growing up, the first thing I wanted to be was a cowboy. That lasted till I was about ten. Then I wanted to be a baseball player. Preferably shortstop for the New York Yankees.

I played Little League in junior high and high school. I only hit two home runs in my career, but I had no equal when it came to standing at shortstop and chattering to my pitcher: “C'mon, baby, hum the pea.” Unfortunately, when I stood at the plate, so many peas were hummed past me for strikes that I decided to let somebody else become shortstop for the Yankees.

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Main Character Maniac Maggee


I think that the theme was you never give up cause all out the story he was looking for an address and at some moments he had one then something bad ended up happening.

hero and bad guy

Maniac Maggee is the hero for the most part cause he helped all the little kids at really anything and he was nice to them and i think Milky May is the bad guy for the most part cause he was mean to Maniac Maggee and was always trying to get him to leave the beales and Maniac Maggee ended up leaving them.


realistic fiction

where the story takes place

The story takes place at bridgeport for the most part why its for the most part is cause he ends up running away cause his aunt and uncle wouldnt share anything the only thing they shared was Maniac Maggee. which his real name is Jeffrey.

about the main character

Maniac Maggee is very nice and not really mean unless you make him be mad like some kids did in the story.Maniac Magee was not born in a dump. He was born in a house, a pretty ordinary house, right across the river from here, in Bridgeport. And he had regular parents, a mother and a father.chapter 5