Kennedy Catholic Counseling News

September 12, 2017


Sept 27: Senior Information Night
Oct 7: SAT
October11: Financial Aid Night
October 11: National Testing Day
October 25: Freshman Information Night
October 28: ACT
November 4: SAT
December 2: SAT
December 9: ACT


Nancy Montstream
  • grades 9-12, last names A-E
Michelle Markle
  • grades 9-12, last names F-L
*Tammy Shearer
  • grades 9-12, last names M-R

Kathryn Hutter

  • grades 9-12, last names, S-Z
Lisa Jandusay
  • Administrative Assistant

*Ms. Shearer will be out on family leave beginning September 1, 2017. In her absence, student’s counseling needs will be met by the following counselors:

Last Name M: Nancy Montstream
Last Name N: Michelle Markle
Last Names O-R: Kathryn Hutter


The regular registration deadline for the Oct 7 SAT is passed but the late registration deadline is Sept 27. The regular registration deadline for the Nov 4 SAT is Oct 5. The regular registration deadline for the Oct 28 ACT is Sept 22.

SAT and ACT Preparation

Kennedy Catholic High School Resources List for SAT/ACT Prep – Updated Feb 2016

We do not endorse any one particular program; this is an informative resource of available options.

College Board Resources

1. Free Practice Questions

2. SAT Tutorials from Khan Academy

Kennedy Catholic High School SAT Prep Options

3. Kennedy Catholic hosts a 4-week spring SAT prep class with current English and Math faculty to guide students through practice questions and strategies. See your school counselor for details.

ACT Resources

4. Study materials produced from the creator of the ACT

Princeton Review Services

5. Options include free practice SAT/ACT sittings at local high schools, paid online self-paced programs, group tutoring, and individual tutoring. Prices vary based on services.


6. Free online self-paced coaching and programming for SAT and ACT. Students can also upgrade to 1:1 coaching and tutoring services online.


7. Online testing guide (SAT, ACT, AP) with practice tests, review questions and strategies

Mazor Test Prep Company


Local company with small class sizes and sessions leading up to each testing date ($595 per course)

Sandweiss Test Prep

Local company providing multi-week test preparation courses ($725 for full course)

National Testing Day

The PSAT will be on October 11th from 8 to 11:30 am for students in grades 9-11. Seniors will not have school this day. Students will be dismissed from school at 11:30 am. With the direction of the counselors the 9th-11th grade English teachers will be preparing the students for the exam.

Kennedy Catholic College Visit Schedule

  • WWU: Monday, SEPT 18TH 1:30 PM Counseling Center
  • CWU: Friday, SEPT 22ND 10:35 AM Counseling Center
  • CORNISH COLLEGE OF THE ARTS: Monday, SEPT 25TH 1:35 PM Counseling Center
  • WHITWORTH UNIVERSITY: Tuesday, SEPT 26TH 9:15 AM Counseling Center
  • UW Seattle: Thursday, SEPT 28TH 10:30 AM Counseling Center
  • CARROLL COLLEGE: Friday, SEPT 29TH 11:25 AM Counseling Center
  • UNIVERSITY OF PORTLAND: Monday, OCT 2ND 12:40 PM Counseling Center
  • HILLSDALE COLLEGE, MI: Wednesday, OCT 4TH 10:35 AM Counseling Center
  • UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC: Monday, OCT 16TH 8:50 AM Counseling Center
  • SPU: Wednesday, OCT 18TH 10:35 AM Counseling Center
  • GONZAGA UNIVERSITY: Thursday, OCT 19TH 9:15 AM Counseling Center
  • UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO: Friday, OCT 20TH 9:45 AM Counseling Center
  • BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY: Monday, OCT 23RD 12:40 PM Counseling Center
  • CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY: Tuesday, OCT 24TH 10:35 AM Counseling Center
  • UNIVERSITY OF ST. THOMAS, MN: Tuesday, OCT 24TH 12:40 PM Counseling Center
  • THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA: Tuesday, OCT 31ST 9:15 AM Counseling Center
  • EVERGREEN STATE COLLEGE: Thursday, NOV 2ND 1:35 PM Counseling Center
  • OSU: Tuesday, NOV 7TH 1:35 PM Counseling Center

Seattle National College Fair

The Seattle National College Fair will take place October 27-28 at the Washington State Convention Center. For more information and to register go to the link below.

Senior News

All seniors are encouraged to make an appointment with their counselor for a Senior College/Post Graduation meeting beginning Sept. 18th through the end of October. Students will be prepped on the full application process including the procedures for letters of recommendations, transcripts, and completing applications. Please sign up for an appointment time with Ms. Jandusay. ( Parents are welcome to attend.

Ms. Markle will be presenting on the college application process in all of the Senior English classrooms during the month of September. Students are encouraged to seek out their counselor to ask further questions.

Senior College Application Workshop: During the National Testing Day on Oct 11, seniors are welcome to attend a college application workshop with Ms. Markle, Mr. Vinson, and Ms. Bacher in Mrs. Vinson's Room A023.

Seniors are welcome to attend any of the college visits. They need to stop by the counseling center to pick up a permission slip. Students are responsible to make-up work missed in class.

Junior News

Juniors are welcome to attend any of the college visits. They need to stop by the counseling center to pick up a permission slip. Students are responsible to make-up work missed in class.

Juniors are encouraged to attend the Seattle National College Fair at the Washington State Convention Center on October 27-28.

How to Search for Scholarships

Scholarships are money grants, which do not need to be repaid. Scholarships are awarded by college, employers, private organization, local fraternal groups or club, and other community organization. Students are encouraged to apply for all scholarships for which they are eligible.

Scholarships generally fall into two categories: need-based and merit. Most merit scholarships include a talent component for demonstrated talent in academics, athletics, leadership or fine, visual or performing arts. The four major sources of scholarship information are:
  • Individual college websites
  • Website scholarship databases
  • Community Resources
  • Naviance

Helpful Web-based Scholarship Databases:

Current Scholarships are listed on the KCHS counseling webpage in the college section. Talk to your counselor for more information.