Huge Bake Sale!!!

Johanna needs help to pay her many medical bills

At Walgreen's, August 23, 9A-4P or until we run out!

Twenty year old Beeville resident, Johanna almost died from severe case Ulcerative Colitis in December. She had to undergo colon removal surgery to save her life. Since then, surgeons have been trying to bring normalcy back to her life by fashioning her a J-Pouch. However, due to many complications along the way, she has needed multiple surgeries. Before the year is over & the procedure is complete, there will have been SEVEN surgeries! As you can imagine, bills are high.

Johanna is an aspiring artist & a baker of desserts. She wants to open her own cupcake shop. Items for sale will include various cupcakes, specialty popcorn, cookies & more! Please support this cause and come to the bake sale- We'd love to see you there!

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Donations Accepted both at the sale & here: