Political Cartoons

America Transformed era, 1875-1920 political cartoons

Conservative Blacks

This political cartoon falls under the category of segregation. This picture shows that once somebody, in this case blacks, take a drink of water from the fountain on the left, the excess water that has been partially in your mouth or whatever is now going to go down the drain. The drain of the fountain on the left, then is connected to the fountain on the right by a pipe in which the fountain on the left's excess water than goes to the one on the right for "conservative blacks" to drink from. The reason they say "conservative" is because if you are a conservative black, you do not want the water to be wasted.
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Segregation Ghost

This political cartoon also has to do with segregation. The ghost in the picture is saying that he is the ghost of segregation. This means that he is not around anymore and is "locked up". This ghost figure also looks like a Klu Klux Klan member and is saying that he is like a ghost because this group isn't harassing people that were not white and Christian as bad as they used to even though they are still around today.
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This picture is showing us that the big corporations/businesses are making all the money as you can see in the big red horn with the dollar sign in the middle. And all the smaller businesses are trying to make some sound but the big businesses are drowning them out with their louder noises, or advertisements such as commercials or ads, etc. This picture also shows us that bigger businesses are higher tech with more money like Nike, Microsoft, Google, etc. because the big businesses have like high tech stuff and the little ones have not that much because the smaller boy has just a handle on his and the bigger one has all the fancier technology and stuff on his. The smaller person is also trying to like emphasize free speech and the bigger one is drowning him out with sound and is being "blown away".
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