The bus network: how it Works.

A Bus Network is shaped in quite and awkward position. A server is placed at the end with all of the PC's or monitors in the shape of bus passenger seats, shown in the picture below. Basically, the PC or monitor sends a message to the server to ask to open a software, the server can then allow the PC or monitor to open the software or not allow.

The Bus Network.

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Why the Network was of Good use.

The network was and still is used in many different offices and work places. It is particularly popular in offices that many people work, as it can serve many people at the same time.

Disadvantages and Advantages.

There are many disadvantages and advantages to the Bus network. Some things are good like it can hold many peoples information at the same time while they're working. Some things are quite harmful to information like that it cant always accept every request it gets at the same time; this can mean that the circuit can be overpowered and the information cut.
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The ring network: how it works.

The ring network is placed in a circular shape which means that there are no collisions. All of the Pc's or monitors are placed around the circle and the server there too. This is much better as all of the computers.
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Why the network was of good use.

The network was of great use because unlike the bus network, no collisions occurred. This men many people could work in one office without any disruptions to disturb any other workers.

Advantages and disadvantages.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to the ring network. One of the mane advantages is that many people can work with no disruptions or problems, to stop the group from working.
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The star network: how it works.

The star network looks like a star and is set out with all of the different corners of the star. The server is in the middle of all the PC's and/or monitors, this means it can evenly spread around them easily.
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Why the network was of good you.

The network was of great use because of its unusual shape. Because the server stood in the middle, no collisions could occur and the power was evenly spread and questions were easily answered.

Advantages and disadvantaged

There are also many advantages and disadvantages of the star network. A mane advantages is that no collisions can occur which means no one's work can get lost. But if the server comes out of the centre, the whole network is cut.
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