Winds: Local and Global

By: Vivianny C.

General Info On Wind

Wind is the sideways movement of the air. Air always moves from an area of high pressure to areas with low pressure. Wind is caused by the unequal heating on Earth and also because of the unequal air pressure on Earths surface. Another fact is that the name of the wind tells you what direction the wind is coming from.

Local Winds

Global Winds

Global Winds happen over a long distances, all over the world. These winds happen because of the uneven heating of the Earth's surface. Also because of the unequal air pressure. Global winds blow in the same direction every time.


Doldrums are one of the two calm winds around the Earth. Doldrums are located at 0 degrees latitude right on the equator.

Jet Streams

This type of global wind is a very strong wind and is in the upper troposphere. Jet streams are about 10 km above Earth's surface. They are also hundreds of kilometers wide. Jet streams can blow from speeds of 200 to 400 kilometers per hour.

Trade Winds

Trade Winds are Between 0 degrees and 13 degrees latitude. This wind blows steadily to the east. This is a type of global wind and it blows in the Northern Hemisphere toward the equator.

Polar Easterlies

These wind blows from the east to the west. Polar Easterlies are located at 60 degrees latitude to above. The Polar Easterlies blow from the poles and curve eastward.