Thing you need:

water (from a watering pot)


flower seeds

sunlight (proved by the sun)



Starting a garden can be hard but follow these steps you would have a neat yard. You don't want to plant in the winter or summer I would start planting in the spring late march.

Now follow these step: step one put on your glove so you won't have any dirt on your hands. Step two get your shovel and dig one inch into the ground for every seeds, they should be two inch apart from each other. Step four put the dirt back on top of the seeds patting it down

Panting take panise and time if your not those ones maybe planting is not for you sometime it keep people clam when their stressted and helpful. People sometime believe a garden is a second home when you are really in to planting you gain this feeling that you have which is wonderful and nice to have inside you.

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The book Flipped is a crazy, drama, and romance, novel. Flipped are about two teenagers describing their feeling about themselves. They meet in second grade and the romance starts from there. All Bryce wants from Juliana is to leave him alone, but Juli said it was love at first sight. Flipped shows different sides of the story here are some. Bryce side: all I've ever wanted is for Juli baker is to leave me alone. Juli side: It was love at first sight my heart just stopped. As for six years Julianna that she was wrong about Bryce it not after Bryce decide that he likes Julianna and was wrong about her. Will this story be a romance or was it a mistake

I love this book because it gives you a mystery and the description of this book is so realist and SHOW a lot of detail about the character, setting and action. The author Wendelin Van Draanen has been taught at a very young age book has always been a part of her life. She is born in Chicago , IL in January 6. Her inspiration for writing is struggle for a happy ending . I will give the book a 4.5% star rating


Dear, Lonnie

Lonnie your life was so horrible and sad it was so brave of your to write down your feeling surviving all those year without no mother and dad how do you do it being so brave until your foster mother gave you something to write with please write me back soon. I readied your poems about you and that new kid I thought that you would’ve been nice to him because you both are different so you would have something in common you should really be nice to each other because you knew what was like being a new kid right.