Tangerine Paul's Decisions

By Cora Cravey

~Paul's Decisions~

Paul chose to go to Tangerine Middle School instead of staying at Lake Windsor Downs middle school. This impacted him because it meant that he would finally get to play soccer again, despite his eyesight."Mom, you ruined my life at Lake Windsor Middle when you turned in that IEP. This is your chance to un-ruin it!" Paul said (pg. 92) meaning that he had the perfect opportunity to play soccer again at a new school that might take him. And since soccer is a big part of Paul's life, he would do anything to play it again.And when Couch Walski told Paul that he couldn't play because of his eyesight (pg. 61) ,he was determined to play soccer again despite the circumstances.

Paul chose to tell the truth about Erik's crimes and talk to the police about what really happened with Luis Cruz.This impacted him because by telling the truth, his brother could actually wind up in Jail.When Antoine Thomas told Paul, "Don't spend your life hiding under the bleachers, little brother. The truth shall set you free!" it really inspired Paul to tell the truth instead of keeping it a secret from the cops and even his parents. And when Paul told his brother and Arthur "I saw you kill Luis Cruz" (pg. 254), he knew that all of the problems that Erik created in Paul's life would soon be over and in the past.

Paul chose to help kids in the portables so they don't drown in the mud from the sinkholes even though he could get seriously hurt.Even Gino tells Paul "Mars, my man! Good work out there!" (pg. 81) and is thankful that Paul saved him and everyone else.

Paul decides to help Tino and Victor escape, even though they still got caught, and Paul eventually goes as far as tackling a teacher so they can run away. "My wife thinks they're from his soccer team. The Tangerine Middle School soccer team." (pg. 252) Paul's Dad said. And since Victor and Tino were apart of his team, he felt obligated to stick of for them instead of helping his brother who had never done anything nice for Paul.