Soft ball a wonderful sport to behold but as we get into this, we will find many new things that we never knew about this sport soft ball.

It's not like soccer or football and baseball.


What you will need to get ready to play soft ball (please consider the following before you play soft ball) are fully stocked first aid kit, a working device to contact help, check if all equipment is safe to use, wooden bats must not be cracked, all bats must have proper gripping. Bats must comply with slo pitch.
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Clothing and footwear

Appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn. If wearing cleats, you can wear molded cleats but only molded cleats no compound or metal cleats for the safety of you and others players because if the player slides when playing then it could hit the back catcher.


For indoor practices, playing surface surrounding area must be free of all obstacles and must provide sufficient traction. Outdoor playing areas must be free of debris, provide suitable footing and must be well removed from traffic areas.

special rules and supervision

To play soft ball you first must now how the rules of soft ball and where your supervised like skills must be taught in proper progression, games must be based on skills taught, and athletes must be aware of ways to protect themselves from uv rays and insects. Players must be taught to lay down or drop the bat after of hitting, not release it during the followthrough of the swing. Before involving players in outdoor activity teachers must take into consideration temperature,previous training, length of time the players will be vigorously active and on site supervision only.
So as you can see soft ball is a weird and different sport than the rest, with many rules and lots of equipment, but seems like something fun so the next time anyone asks you "what sport are you going to try out" then just say 'maybe i'll try soft ball", so give it a try but make sure you got the skills, rules, clothing and footwear, equipment and facilities in the bag.