June 4, 2020

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Prayers for our graduates

Teachers' Prayers & 8th Graders

Report Cards Now Available on Gradelink

K-8 Report Cards can be viewed and downloaded on Gradelink by logging into your Gradelink account.


As you know, yearbook delivery has been delayed due to the Covid-19 shutdowns. We will be in contact with you when they arrive at Grace. As of today, we are hoping to receive yearbooks in mid-June.

Summer Child Care

Due to COVID-19 limitations, our Summer Care will be different this year.
Starting Monday, June 8th, Summer Child Care opens its doors at 6:30 AM. If you are planning for your child to attend, we need to know now. Because of the additional rules imposed by the County of San Diego, we are not allowed to have drop-ins to ensure we have proper staffing for the health and well being of your child/ren.

Below is the link to the Summer Child Care paperwork. We also ask that you pay in advance for the week you are planning for your child to attend. Those families that wish to attend next week should get their payment in right away!

Please be aware that we are not forgetting our families that do not require a full week of care. As the regulations change, it is possible that we may be able to set up groups that use fewer days per week. We will notify our families immediately if this occurs. Please follow the links below for information and be sure to watch the video so we can all comply with COVID-19 regulations.

Instructions for how to check into Summer care

Childcare Video

First Day of School 2020-2021

We can't say exactly what school will look like yet due to the COVID-19 guidelines, but we do know that the first day will be August 18th, 2020. We will be sending emails during the summer to keep you informed.

COUNSELING 101: One Last Encouragement For The Summer

One Last Encouragement for the Summer!