My Life

Griffin Sheppard

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I was born in Charleston, SC and lived there until the summer after seventh grade.
I love sports even though i dont play any for the school.
I have a passion for cars... IDK why. My grandma owns some very luxury/performance cars that i love to drive, wash, look, and show off.

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I am a senior at Newton-Conover High School.
When i graduate i plan on attending college, but i have no clue what i will major in.

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I listen to just about any type of music, just like Mr. Shoe!
I do tend to listen to more rap/ hip-hop more than any other genre of music.
I do not have one favorite artist.
i listen to whatever im in the mood for, but i have to be in certain moods to listen to certain music.

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Science Background

I have excelled in science throughout high school starting with honors earth science my freshmen year, sophomore year i took honors environmental, junior year i took honors chemistry, and i am now currently enrolled in honors physics. I do not love science, i just take the classes because i am pretty decent with it and because i have to.