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Newsletter #5

MCVP ICX Message

Hello ICXers!


...it's me. ;D your MCVP ICX in this new newsletter for you, This month is just beginning and I have great an amazing news inside of ICX department, also WE have a lot of work ahead to finish, or should I say start? What is stopping us for reaching our goals? Procrastination? No Time management? No effective tracking tools? Lack of proactivity and creativity?

If we're here to stand for brave actions and be the voice of the generation who cares, delivering our promises and DEVELOPING LEADERSHIP through CROSS-CULTURAL EXPERIENCES, and NOT having exchanges, then are we doing AIESEC, and believing in the purpose of this organisation?

We can not say that we are shaping the world if we don´t start really challenging ourselves in the things that matter, more than a number as I've always said...is the impact we are creating in our society, in our people and in our mindsets.

SO LET´S MAKE THOSE REALIZATIONS HAPPEN!! #noexcuses #cultureofexchanges

AIESEC - It Makes A Difference


Okay. Time is running fast and NOWember already past, we are closer and closer to our realization peak and guess what? GUESS WHAT?

We are still missing the matches we promised we were going to have (sad face)

Chisinau: 1 match

Balti*: 0 match

Cahul*: 0 match

*You need to fill the goal of matches in the tracker.

As AIESEC in Moldova, we have a no happy number of 1.67% in our MA plan fulfillment.

Big image
I hope you've opened the ICX Winter Peak tracking tool and see this information before.

Thanks to Chisinau that filled the tracker with the goal of matches per month. Balti and Cahul, you need to fill the yellow spaces in the Tracking tool, and for all of you, update the information constantly, this is the way I can know how are we going, what is happening, what is not happening and in what can I help you to boost the matching peak.

So let's left the excuses and the fears at home and LET's start having brainstormings, crazy ideas, different resources to do this happen #MATCH # MATCH # MATCH

Remeber that we need the help of the whole LC and work together if we want to achieve our goals and have the interns here enjoying with us this winter peak. Figure it out how can other areas can contribute to have realizations. #ACTIONTIME

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What?? Already another month? YESSSSS! #DOcember has arrived, and I just have one message from you, directly from our dear Kasia, VP AI Operations CEE, who rocks the house!

Remeber that we are closing the year 2015. the plans and goals that the AIESECers dreamed about for GEN2015 is coming to its end, and we´re starting the 2020Vision.

There is a phrase that say "The way you end the year is how you start the new one"


EST ICX Growth Management

I want to introduce you and give the official welcome in AIESEC in Moldova to

LEONARDO JULIO. Brasilia, Brazil

He is going to be for the rest of the term our A-MAZING EST Growth Manager in ICX. He would be working directly with me and with the LCVPs bringing his knowledge and crazy and better ideas to make this entity grow as never before!

I personally found in Leo an incredible disposition to learn of the entity, proactivity and ideas that will shape the future of this department and the culture of EXCHANGES that we are building. He is a person with a huge knowledge coming from one of the biggest entities: Brazil, with a great disposition to share and talk about how can we boost our country in terms of ICX. Don´t be shy and approach him!!

e-mail: ljcs23@gmail.com

#TogetherForAstrongerICX #CultureOfExchanges #ICXRocks

He will be in charge of the co-creation, alignment and delivering of the education and coaching program focused on strategic activities for VPs and members, the development of new tools (CRM, Resource Center, manuals and effective process implementation).

Will also participate in the design and delivery of functional track sessions during the term in synergy with the Education Team of Talent Management for the ICX department. Because our members are the most important for us.



AIESEC in Moldova! Is the moment to raise your voice! Is the time as young leaders to spread the message, and start leading by example.

How? Filling the YouthSpeak survey.

YouthSpeak is relevant for the youth and it will help us to shape the society, country & world we want to live in.

Remember, the more answers we get, the closest we will be to know about what does the youth is concerned about in Moldova, and the most important thing, TO ACT! so, share it with your friends, share it your family, this is more than just AIESEC this is about our responsibility as the Generation that is ACTING. ‪#‎WeAreDoers‬ ‪#‎LetsYourVoiceBeHeard‬

ICX, be national example and share and promote Youth Speak, you can change your profile picture with a nice picture and the logo of youthspeak to engage the youth of Moldova towards this huge movement.

We are Youth, And It's Our Time To Lead


Do you feel lost in the middle of the peak?

Do you lost your WHY?

You have NO idea how to manage your members?

Looking for Good Case Practices from the Network?

No problem, AIESEC Hub and his Resource Center has been always here for you all!

AIESEC Way (Step by step)

WHY: Peace & Fulfillment of Humankind's Potential WHAT: Developing Leadership in the youth to unlock a better future HOW: Through practical experiences & cross cultural EXCHANGES.

Risk Taking

Why it is OK to trust crazy people


Ok, let's go back to the functional stuff :D

I'm going to call the VPs constantly in order to know which are the bottlenecks you're facing and work togwther towards our goal #80WinterPeak

Let's start with some suggestions:

  • Amplify your target. No EPs supply in WENA & CEE? Europe is not answering? Ok. Let´s try with entities that have supply: India, China, Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey, Colombia, Brazil...
  • Direct Marketing. I loooove to see all the post you make on the FB groups, but,...are they being effective? are they enough? Let´s work in synergy with MKT to help us create the material and share in a personal way the information to the EPs directly.
  • Call the VPs oGCDP? Why not? With a skype account and a couple of euros, we can have access to calls with the people that can help us to bring EPs https://www.skype.com/en/offers/unlimited-world-calling/
  • Why Moldova? Why Not? .....why not create a national campaign leaded by you, send me a unique thing or unknown thing about Moldova :) to start a campaing like this:
Big image
Big image
and promote directly to the EPs and in the network this country full of new experiences, knowledge and adventures for them.

You have a crazy idea to get more matches and bring the trainees here?

Don´t (really don´t) hesitate on contact me! you know where to find me:


Don´t be shy, we love brainstormings, you´re from another department? Who cares! Give us your best idea!


DOcember has arrived and with it MATCHALLENGE!

A National Initiative to Reward the best LC in terms of % of matches according to your plan.I'll be uploading and updating the numbers per week until the first week of January, when the challenge ends.

How many weeks you have until the EPs arrival?

Big image
So...NO hesitation, NO procrastination, NO EXCUSES! Show of what Moldova is made of!!
Big image


  • I will take in consideration members performance & productivity.
  • Is an LC challenge, so ICX department, involve your whole LC to achieve the goals!
  • LCs have to showcase their activities on FB to know that you're actually working in matching.
  • VPs ICX have to have updated the ICX Winter Peak Tracking Tool
  • The LC winner will be the one with more Matches at the end of MATCHALLENGE. I will be announcing the results weekly to know in which position are you.


*LCs have to reach at least at the end of MATCHALLENGE 50% of their plan reached in ICX in order to be able to receive the reward.

MATCHALLENGE starts NOW! #DOcember May the EPs be with You!


  • To Chisinau for starting the campaing #GlobalFamily (hosting)
  • To Balti for being in constant movement and boosting the results of YouthSpeak!

Keep Moving, share ideas between you remember, at the end we are one AIESEC in Moldova.

Leadership Space

I know you're tired of this loooooooong newsletter, but I'll close just with a small quote.
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AIESECly yours,