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Capturing Kids' Hearts -

It's easy for kids to get caught up in the craziness of fun school activities, i.e. homecoming, holiday dress up days, sports and other activities etc., and for students to slide backward on our message of kindness, empathy and unity = they are kids and their brains are still developing. They are also growing up in a world that is very, very connected, very unrewarding to kindness and negatively focused which is why we must be that kind model and emphasize kindness when we see it. What we can control as adults is our commitment to teaching the Capturing Kids' Hearts "moves" when students are not meeting our expectations for kindness and citizenship (Respectful, Responsible, Learners).

This edition is dedicated to doubling down our commitment to the Capturing Kids' Hearts moves and key points of emphasis to teach our students what Respect, Responsibility, and Resilient Learners looks like.

We need strong leaders and role models now more than ever to guide our students to responsible citizenship.

Here is a review of the keys to Capturing Kids' Hearts to help us kick the 2nd Quarter off right -

1. Strive to Excel and bring the passion daily; I naturally default to "average" , which is pretty typical for most, but our kids deserve our very best every single day.

2. EXCEL is defined by the Flippen Group as -

- Engage - Meet and greet every student positively at the door every single day; shake each and every student's hand. This is the foundation for strong relationships. Be sincere.

- X-Plore - Share "Good Things" every day for 3-5 minutes to start each and every class; through this process you can discover what kids' needs are that day and get in touch with where the students are personally, emotionally, and academically. Kids must feel safe! Build a solid, safe and positive classroom culture where kids can have fun!

- Communicate - a. that we care about the students, what they are learning and it's importance b. the purpose of the day and the day's lesson; communicate the content and connection to real-world benefits. Bring the energy! Why is this important to know and learn?!

- Empower - Empowerment occurs when students gain the ability to "use and do" the things they have been taught. Possessing the same skills as experts is the goal of education. When students can DO/Demonstrate what has been taught, then we have truly empowered them. Practice and Apply. Create an atmosphere of trust and collaboration. Create social contracts to guide behaviors and guide the community in your class; social contracts help create a self-managing team!

- Launch - Launching has to do with the way we, professional educators, "end and send". It is the way teachers end a classroom experience and the way they send their charges forth through their kids to face the future. This is vastly different from just having students rush out the door when the bell rings. Webster's Dictionary definition of launch is - a. To send forth with force! b. to start a person on some course, career, or enterprise. Send the students away with momentum driving them forward toward a clearly-defined destination. End on a powerful and empowering note.

Begin and end with passion and a caring message and rely on this system to finish strong!

- Capturing Kids' Hearts, Flippen Group, 2017;

I encourage us all to recommit and re-energize with the keys behind this powerful model and utilize the many features of this model in our positive approaches with students daily. We will continue to use these approaches at school when we have to redirect students or reteach them our high classroom and school expectations and social contracts, and we will use the recommended approaches for self-reflection often as they continue to develop as learners and young people. They must know we care first and foremost.

As we start thinking about the approaching post Holiday Season and the many emotions tied to the holidays, it's important to reconnect with your purpose, with your passion(s), and remember you must capture a child's heart before you can ever fully capture their mind.

CKH Video!!!

Please watch this video found at this link for reminder on why CKH -

The Relational Mindset - "We are all connected in this life together. Always connect first as a person (and ally) and then as a teacher second" - Eric Jensen

  • How can I show my students that I care about their home life as well as their classroom successes?
  • How do I connect first as a person (and ally) and as a teacher second?
  • How do I put students first, and everything else second?

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“It is teachers who have created positive teacher-student relationships that are more likely to have the above average effects on student achievement” – John Hattie
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